Grasshopper 325D 61'' or Scag Turf Tiger 61'' KOH DFI

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by sjlc2013, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. thethrill

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    I have a grasshopper, and have been really amazed at the quality of the machine. I especially like the thickness of the deck. It's just so solid. I do cut pretty high grass on occasion and would really benefit from a tractor and bush hog, but at the moment just rely on the Grasshopper to do the cutting. I have the 61" Deck. My only complaint is that in the high grass, much of which is a stemmed type grass, the Grasshopper has to go over and over like 3-4 times to get the cut finished properly. I am not sure if any other mower would do any better, but have been told the Scags won't require such repetitiveness on this type of mowing. A concern I had though, was that in this video here, " ", the Scag looked cheap and poorly built as the guy mentions and shows the deck is bent. You cannot bend my grasshopper deck like that. The steel is to thick. I have never seen a Scag in person and obviously never tested one. The reviews on here tend to be pretty good. Please advise, have I been misled? And, will the Scag outcut my Grasshopper. FYI, I'm in Arkansas and in a rocky rough environment, I do not abuse my machine, but do occasionally hit rocks, etc.
  2. stoneseller

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    I mowed with my new Turf Tiger 61" Kohler 29 for the first time for the last hour or more.
    What dream machine. Mowed a very saturated 2 acres that was quite tall. The cuttings never clumped.
    I'm very happy with my investment. A dramatic improvement from my past 61" Wildcat with Advantage deck, which was pretty darn nice as well.
  3. thethrill

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    Male, from North Arkansas
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    I spoke with my closest Scag dealer, he states they're built like a tank. As good or better than any mower on the market. He also stated he sells more Cheetah's than anything else. I am going to try to check them out first chance I get.
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  4. goel

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    I have a grasshopper 07 322d (kubota diesel) with a 72inch mid mount deck.

    3k hours and still strong. Moved locations and it was left outside all winter, basically uncovered. Started up and off she went this year without any problems. It gets driven hard, put away wet. Takes abuse and keeps ticking.

    Had more problems with the rad than anything else on it.

    Also picked up an 08 grasshopper 722k gas w front mount 61 inch mower and sweepex sweeper this spring. It had 850 hours on it and we have already put another 200 on it. Good machine but the motor will not last anywhere near the diesel.

    Mostly these mow schools, rough and wet this year constantly.
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  5. chicken74701

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    That 722D would probably be your best bet. The front mount 700 series Grasshoppers ride better than either the 325D or the Scag. The front deck gets under low hanging limbs and other obstacles well. It will still do about 10 mph so you can knock the lawn out quickly. Just my .02.
  6. Marshmallow

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    Have you looked at the Toro diesels?
  7. retrodog

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    The new GH decks are redesigned and have a deeper design. You shouldn't have the double triple cut issue anymore... I use the higher lift high lift blades on my GH in the weedy grass...
  8. WilsonBoud

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    Like you, I researched heavily for my perfect ZTR. I finally came to a conclusion that the ZTR that would best serve my needs is the Scag Cheetah (61" - 31 Kawasaki). My cutting time went from 4.25 hours down to 1.5 hours. YES, I was very surprised...

    Although I have only ten hours on the unit, I'm very pleased with the mower, and look forward to a lasting relationship.

    (PS....I love Mountain Home. We have ridden AR extensively)

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  9. baileylawnservice

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    I would go with the scag turf tiger. They have been makin this mower since 1998. Obviously they have improved the decks and engine options have changed. If I was mowing that many hours I would go with the cat diesel or the liquid cooled efi kawasaki. I personally am on my second scag mower. My first was a belt driv walk behind that I had from 1996-2005 and put a little over 1000 hours on it. Currently I have a wildcat with 1100 hours that I bought in 2005, and a vride that I purchased last year. I am looking at replacing my wildcat with a Turf tiger mayb next year.

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