Grasshopper 325d review


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FYI: The Kubota diesel is designed for a 6000 hr life. Most all GOOD quality air cooled gas engines are designed for about 2000hrs life. Homeowner type air cooled, ( like the Kohler Courage), engines are designed for 500-1000hrs of life.

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Diesel, liquid cooled or air cooled gas engines used for powering mowers is merely a matter of preference, but thanks for your clarification on the subject, glad you were willing to share your experience and knowledge.
Right, Pretty much when it comes down to it. Also dealer support for your region. If your area predominantly carries a certain brand and that brand doesn’t offer a good diesel option than your options are limited. Also application can dictate your decision process. If I mowed in a tightly congested area with yards mostly smaller than say 5,000, than I’d probably opt for a stand on mower or walk. Since time is going to be saved in maneuverability and that would eventually translate to money saved. Also smaller yards with a higher maneuverability rate and a heavier machine such as a diesel ztr or any commercial ztr for that matter has a greater potential for causing turf damage. That in turn is a higher expense rate if you have damaged turf to repair. So yes I agree preference is probably number one on my decision list but I probably get manipulated in my thought process when I start thinking financial gain and expense on a broad spectrum. I am bias toward diesel options I’ll admit that. But only due to the experiences I’ve had with them both, so you might call it more of a preference than a bias. But not so much to the point I won’t think about the bottom dollar. That’s the whole reason we do this. That’s why I do have both, since my application changes by the yard. End of the day I want the best option for me personally and that’s going to change per individual. So I guess you could say theirs no right or wrong answer here, just what’s best for you.

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