Grasshopper 718K. Deck 9552. Specs and information please.

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by mdgil, Jul 14, 2007.

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    I acquired a Grasshopper 718K (serial # 313175) and it has a Deck model # 9552 (serial # 5240675). I am trying to find information about this mower and any specs that I can.

    From what I can find it would appear to be a 1991 year model because the second digit in the serial # is a 1. The controls (key, PTO engage etc.) is mounted in the front below the seat and not off to the side.

    It would appear that the deck is a 52 incher. I am wondering how to tell what year it is. (s/n: 5240675). I found a web site that stated that 9552 decks were made between 1997 and 2002.

    I also would love to know what transmission(s)/ pumps is used in this mower as it would appear that one of the 'pumps / wheel drive' is clean and the other is covered in black oil. Not dripping but very oily. Also both plastic cooling fans have all of the blades broken off.

    This will help me greatly. I tried looking for a few days and my "local" dealer (30 miles away) always says that they will get back to me but I have called them three times in a two week period. I need the information to attempt repairs. The mower was damaged in hurricane Katrina ( a medium sized branch fell between the drivers seat and the vacuum unit on the back - it just dented the air cleaner assembly. (Kohler M18 Spec# 24608). It was covered up later that day and I ran it for a few months (10 min at a time just to keep it running- ran good but would back fire if I throttled down fast and shut off -normal I would think). It sat for a year or so and I had problems. I ordered new filters and air cleaner, plugs and air filter assembly. I had to take apart and clean the carb. It now runs but the engine staggers its was to full speed. It runs good until I try to move or engage the blades - if I try to do both it wants to die. Carb may still be dirty, or not adjusted right or that branch may have messed up the intake too or gasket. I also notice that one cylinder gets extremely hot very fast and one does not. I took off the exhaust and it still gets extremely hot only on one cylinder.

    Sorry for the long post. Maybe I should have split this into two. The specs are most important for now. The engine problem I am just now starting to tackle and was just hoping for some pointers.
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    Here are some of the pics of the pump/ trans.

    1. right pump top 01.jpg
    2. right pump top 02.jpg
    3. right pump bottom 01.jpg
    4. left pump top 01.jpg
    5. left pump bottom _ leak 01.jpg

    right pump top 01.jpg

    right pump top 02.jpg

    right pump bottom 01.jpg

    left pump top 01.jpg

    left pump bottom _ leak  01.jpg
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    Tractor is indeed a 1991. Deck is a 2002. Hydro. system is the old Gemini system. You need to get new plastic fans for those pumps. Fans keep the trans. system cool.
    I would change the hydro filters and hydro oil and wash all oil off of trans. units. Then, keep an eye out for where the oil seepage is coming from. Leak might be from seal on output shaft or from gasket where the oil filter assy attaches to hydro unit. You probably have trash in the carb. causing the power problem.
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    Thanks for the reply. That is some handy information.
    According to this site
    it would appear to be a 770. (no longer made) but the 771 is - and the body looks the same so maybe I need to see if I can find a gasket set IF I can get the motor to run right first. Is the 770 and 770 a Gemini type. It looks like it is made by Eaton.
    Hmm, I wonder if they are interchangeable (770 ans 771) if I was in a bind.

    Anyway, that you for the information. It is now stored away. :)
    I also started a thread here for the motor issues, any help would be appreciated.
  5. Mowingman

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    They are both the Gemini type and both are made by Eaton for Grasshopper. I don't believe they are interchangeable, but would have to check. They are generally not rebuildable and replacements cost close to $1000.00/side. Gasket sets for the top cover and the screen/filters are available through Grasshopper.

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