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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mkirby, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. mkirby

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    I demoed one with a 52 in deck today and I thought it left a great cut. The frontmounts always impressed me but I have never owned one.

    Could someone give me some incite into the pros and cons compared to a midmount?
    We do allot of smaller condo units that are heavily landscaped with hills so this is why I am thinking frontmount but its foot print is huge.
    Couple things I noticed. You have to be careful turning out of corners which I found not bad for me but I can see my employees taking fences and structures out with the back end. I also need to mulch and I found when you go into a tight space and back out a big pile of grass gets left in the right front corner of the deck. Is this normal? The clipping are displaced nicely when you can follow through the cut.
    Ive always loved the ides of a diesel but I would like a little more power since we have very heavy growth here but the 928 is way to big for our properties.

    Thanks Mike
  2. Prime Cut Lawns LLC

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    Hey Mike, I own a 2006 722D and I love it! I have the 61" deck on mine and I too mow several smaller properties with it. Yes you do have to be "aware" of your surroundings when you take one of these into a "tight" spot however, I've never broke anything!!! I also think you should reconsider the diesel; mine is AWESOME on fuel economy and I haven't had any issues cutting tall grass with it. Now that you mentioned it I do notice the left front (not the right) of the deck leaving a few "turf-turds" when I have to back out of a tight spot. I have never owned a midmount machine before so I can't help you in that area, I am adding a Walker next week and it also is a front mount...(I needed something to catch grass) One of favorite features is the fold uo front decks...EASY to clean and change blades!

    Good Luck!
  3. mkirby

    mkirby LawnSite Member
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    Dealer quoted me 16k Canadian, this sounds ridiculous?

  4. Prime Cut Lawns LLC

    Prime Cut Lawns LLC LawnSite Member
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    WOW!!! I paid $12,000 and I also picked up the dozer blade. He also had a used cab with a heater that I bought. I haven't used it yet :) hey if you end up buying one of these and want a cab let me know, I'll make you a deal! It really doesn't get cold enough here for me to actually use it...

    Good Luck
  5. Midwest Lawn Services

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    I run a front mount 614 Grasshopper that is 15 years old. I have replaced one motor and the ignition switch....THATS IT! These are some very durable machines, and with basic care they will last a very long time...maybe forever! Front mounts take up more room on a trailer than a midmount, but are much easier to get into smaller/tighter spaces (under trees and large bushes, etc.). Deck maintenance is much simpler on a front mount. Takes me about 5 minutes or less to clean, grease, and install sharp blades. Just lift the deck! It may take you a few days to get real used to operating one, because they are quite a lot longer. I transport mine and a GX345 deere on a 14' trailer...they barley fit. Am I glad I run a front mount, you bet! Here's my recommendation: a nice sized LCO should have a conventional rider or walk behind, a midmount, and a front mount, and multiples of each if you can afford it!!payup Grasshopper is a d@mn good machine, you take care of it, it'll last many years!!

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