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    2 related questions.

    Just bought a '99 725G2 and am fixing small things here and there on it. One thing is the worklights don't work. So I started troubleshooting and found a harness coming from the light switch. When I put a voltmeter across it, I get about 5ma with it off and 25ma with it on. For voltage, I get negligible voltage which doesn't change if the switch is off or on. < 10mv or so. So what should I see across that switch? I assume either 0 volts or 12 volts depending if it's on or off.

    The related in the world do you remove and replace the metal panels covering the electrical panel. The bolts are obvious but since the nut isn't captured, you need to somehow get your hand up behind it to hold the nut while you screw in the bolt. Some of them seem rather impossible. I must be missing something, perhaps I have to take off the wheel to get a better angle but I was hoping that I"m just removing / replacing them in the wrong order. I haven't taken anything apart yet for fear that I can't get it put back together.

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    Sounds like your multi meter is on the right setting. Make sure your multi meter is on the right setting. Checking it at the battery first. 12 volts
    not ma, ot mv.
    You need volts.
    Make sure you have a good ground when trouble shooting.
    Use the battery neg post.
    My dad has a I belive a 1252 and it not the easest to work on.
    A lot of hinden nuts.
    Make sure you can stand on your head fist. It does help.
    Good luck.

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