Grasshopper 725 Kubota 25 hp Liquid Cooled Gas

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by indianrunfarms, Jan 12, 2008.

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    I purchased a Grasshopper 725 with a 72" deck from a guy here in Ohio. I purchased it with the understanding it was a 1998 with around 1100 hours on it.

    Turns out it is a 1994 and who knows about the hours. I know this is a long shot but it was originally sold to RD Collins and Sons in Bear, Deleware.

    Serial # - 345487 - Mower
    Serail # - 331190 - Deck

    I thought I might get lucky and somebody recognize this machine and maybe know something about it.

    It was said it needs new valve seals (by a certified grasshopper dealer).

    I planned on doing this and wanted to know if anybody has done this and if they had any success.

    It smokes pretty good when starting up. Clears up some when mowing. Seems to have plenty of power.

  2. Envy Lawn Service

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    It shouldn't be a big deal to fix.

    It's an inline 3 so it should be pretty straight forward.

    I bet the mower sat a lot or a while before you got it... dried out.

    Man, try some high mileage oil first... it's worth a shot.
  3. indianrunfarms

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    I will try the high mileage oil.

    Whats this mower worth if its running correctly????? I planned on repainting it. The guy threw in some new blades, deck covers, and a decal kit.

    The only real problem was he lied about the year of the machine. And mistated the hours.

    Don't know if its worth fixing or if I should just advertise it correctly and get rid of it and get a newer or a couple year old machine.

    The only reason I bought it was I thought it was 10 years newer than the other grasshopper I have and it was said to only have around 1100 hours.


    Grasshopper 1822D 61" Ruggerini 2 Cylinder Air Cooled Diesel Engine. Limited Production
  4. Mowingman

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    Depending on overall condition, it is worth about $3500.00, if you get the engine fixed.
    I am very surprised that it has engine problems. Those Kubota gas engines are pretty bullet-proof and often run 4000 hrs. with no problems.
  5. indianrunfarms

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    Well I tried the high mileage oil and some no smoke additive and it seems to get a little better but didn't clear up.

    It only does it every 3-4 minutes when setting at an idle????

    And then a lot of white smoke.

    If the valve seals need replaced which I'm assuming they do. Does anybody know how to do this by pressurizing the system with air. A guy from Kubota told me this could be done.

  6. Envy Lawn Service

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    I don't like those additives like no smoke... just honey thick oil.

    You have to let it run and do it's thing over time with the high mileage oil. So it takes a little time for the seal conditioners to swell the seals back up.

    However... if it's smoking really bad, chances are, you are going to have to go into it.

    If it's oil smoke it's either the valve seals or the valve guides.
    I figure it probably set a lot for a long time and dried/cracked the seals.
    So my money is on the valve seals.

    Yes, guys do sometime use pressurized air to do some of the 'work' of compressing things when working on the valves. Best bet is to get one of your wrenching buddies to come help you with it if you have never done valve work before. Having someone there to guide you through it and teach you hands-on will make the job go smoothly.
  7. indianrunfarms

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    I think I'm going to run it this spring and see what it does if it gets worse then I'll tear into it and see what it all needs.

    It might need a complete overhaul but it has to much power for me to think its anything to major.


    Wheres the cheapest place to get Tires I need 2 sets.

    Drive Tires

    725 and 1822 I think there the same size

    I also have been looking for used Hydro's for my 1822D
  8. jpiwowar

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    It may just need the valves adjusted. The tolerance is Intake & Exhaust 6-7 thousanths. Not very much. Another reason for the smoke COULD be the fact that most people put a gas grade oil like a 5w-30 ranter than a diesel rated 10-30. The head can get pretty gunked up. When I got my 725 that's all it took to get it to purr. Once you get back 10 years, people for the most part really don't know what they have. He MAY have bought it new in 1998, but it could have been a machine that was in dealer inventory for a while.
  9. indianrunfarms

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    Is there any trick to adjusting the valves. I don't have a manual, curious if you can steer me in the right direction.

  10. jpiwowar

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    All you need is a feeler gauge. Take off the valve cover (don't loose the little copper washers). You'll probably need a new valve cover gasket too. Make sure each cylinder is at top Dead Center when you adjust to ensure the valves are completely closed. If you've never adjusted valves before I recommend reading about it first.

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