Grasshopper 725G2 Leaking Transmission

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by dmh22, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. dmh22

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    I am not a landscape contractor but I own a commercial Grasshopper mower (725G2). I bought the tractor cheap knowing that it would need some repair. I replaced a few bearings, muffler, battery etc; then noticed the left hydrostatic pump leaking badly. I took the machine to my local repair shop and they quoted me $700 to rebuild (not recommended) or $1200 to replace the part. The mower still needs quite a few little odds and ends to make it right. I dont think I am ready to pull the trigger on a new pump knowing that the other pump could have issues at any time. Are there any resources out there for used parts for these mowers? Since I am not using the mower for commercial purposes it is hard to justify large repair costs. If I cant find a source for used or reconditioned pumps, I'll probably be looking to sell the mower either as is or parted out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Restrorob

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    Just wondering...... How did they come up with $700 ? Did they tear it down and inspect ?

    What part of Fl you in ?
  3. dmh22

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    Im in Ft. Pierce on the SE coast. They didnt tear down the pump but said it needed to be rebuilt. They cant warranty the rebuild and advises against it.
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    Where exactly on the pump, is the leak? There is a seal on the end where the shaft comes out and the drive pulley is mounted. This seal is a very low cost item, and very easy to replace. If leaking here, cost to repair could be less than $100.00. I am not sure I would trust that dealer. Might do well to go find another Grasshopper dealer, and get a second opinion.
    These pumps are easy for an experienced shop to rebuild.
    FYI: I was a Grasshopper dealer.
  5. Landrus2

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    I have seen them on eBay and Craig list for around $200 used just got to keep looking :waving:
  6. dmh22

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    Thanks, I figured Id be able to find one on ebay also. I have looked with no luck. My grasshopper part number is 391452. If anyone out there has one or knows where I can find one, please let me know.

  7. bob

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    I rarely see G2 hydros on Ebay. It's usually the G1 hydros or older. The Mower shop has your part # listed for $669.40.- left hydro.
  8. zimmatic

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    You can tear down the pump very easy. I had the same issue with one of my pumps in a 928d this last spring. I took both pumps out even though one was leaking. It was leaking from the front seal near where the fan part sits. I took it to a place in Savage Minnesota called sun source. They where originally going to throw it away and order a new one. They told me that those hydro's are considered "throw away hydro's” since they are not really industrial grade. This place repairs hydro’s for like bulldozers, track hoe’s etc. Once the pump is opened they told me that seals and a new wear plate must be installed new if the wear plate cannot be "honed flat"
    So they tore into the pump. There is really not that many parts in the pump---very few. There is one important "plate" that the pump runs across that creates the pressure or power whatever you want to call it. This plate wears overtime. In these pumps the plate is so thin that they could not "hone" the plate flat and had to order a new one from Chicago. This is another reason the pumps are throw away pumps. Once the plate was installed and the 2 seals front and back the unit was reassembled and good as new. It cost me about 3/4 of what it would cost new to replace. Was it wise not to replace with new, maybe not? However I gained valuable knowledge of it. Now if a g2 pump goes weak or bad I know how to tear the pump down and what part I exactly need. That plate was about $50 and then new seals. I saved all the info so when other pumps go bad it’s a snap to fix. I did contact the dealers around my area and felt I needed a bottle of Vaseline after I talked to them. So finding a good repair shop made me feel a little better.
    Once the pump is fixed you should also replace the eccentric and dampener shocks from the arm controls. So there is added cost beyond fixing of the pumps.

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