Grasshopper 928 over-heating!!!

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by hammerhead, Jun 2, 2004.

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    This mower is 2 yrs old w/550 hours on it. I have so far replaced the thermostat, temp sending unit, pressure washed the radiator to claen out the fins, and now put a new gauge on it. What the heck else should I check? I have 15 days and 15 hours left on the warranty!!! Dealership says the talked to the factory and the only thing left to do is send radiatorto raqdiator shop to be boiled out. Any idea's? I need some help.

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    Electric fan? We had that problem on a Walker Diesel. It turned out the high/low auto reverse on the cooling fan was acting up. Now the Walker Diesel the fan was meant to run on low ALL the time and kick in to HIGH when it started to over heat and if it did over heat the buzzer went off. Have you checked the water pump? When you say thermostat if it is an electric cooing fan you could have up to 3 thermostats. One in the water jacket coming out of the engine and one or two mounted in the radiator that switch the cooling fan . Now I am basing all of this on a Walker Diesel. I say use that warranty. What type of coolant are you using? Straight water will not work now days because of the lean burning engines thanks to the EPA. Straight Anit-freeze/Anti-boil will not work either. A mix of 70% anti-freeze is the max. I always use 50/50 myself. Some people do not know that striaght Anit-freeze/Anti-boil will in fact freeze and boil quicker that water. Good luck.

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