Grasshopper/Dix Chopper?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Rad, Aug 16, 2003.

  1. Rad

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    Looking at Grasshoppers and Dixie Choppers for my 53 acres. Have a tractor but my hubby uses that. I need this for around the house, (several acres), and large paddocks. What am I supposed to be paying new for these.\
    ? We looked at up to 60' cut. The Dixie looks like the better deal just because they are so formidably made. Looks can be decieveing. Input please on durability, user-friendly qualities and value to dollar
  2. redbull

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    I can't tell you waht those 2 products sell for but I can tell you that you should be able to purchase a TORO model 74231 (62" deck with a 27 hp Kohler) for less than $9000. Check out for a dealer and more information
  3. BigDave

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    Have you considered Exmark? I have the Lazer HP 23hp 52". I got a good deal at $6600. For me, it has the best combination of, as you say, durability, user-friendly qualities and value. For 60", you'll need to step up to the Lazer full size. It has a slightly better deck, and of course it's a good bit more $.
  4. rwleigh

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    In the area that I am at Dixie has been the king for the last 10yrs. but they are dieing! Grasshopper has been here for years and they just are not popular. As far as toro or exmark they too are not well represented due to the dealers that sell them. All of these mowers are good but you need dealer support with any make!
  5. johnhenry

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    Live oak florida that a beautiful area.Ive been thru there many times.It sounds to me you will be cutting quite a few acres.As warm as its gets there in the long run I would get a liquid cooled engine.Of the 2 brands that you mention I would choose dixie.But there are many great brands out there like toro,exmark,hustler,gravely and ferris.I also believe bad boy mowers are starting to get popular in your area and they have a nice liquid cooled engine machines. I hope this helps you out
  6. Bad Boy Mowers

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  7. broken leg

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    I did not have time to read all your threads. But what you need to do first is call and then go down to your local extension service office and see what they might recommend in our state they are top notch.
  8. Mowingman

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    I own both Grasshoppers and a Dixie Chopper. Both are excellent machines. I would get Demos on both brands and see which one you like the best. Do not buy without getting a demo. :)

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