Grasshopper Midmount : Performance Update

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mowingman, Jun 10, 2001.

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    I purchased a new Grasshopper 428D midmount with 72" deck and 28HP Kubota diesel in April. Here is an update on how its doing.
    Background : Machine was purchased to use primarily on 3 jobs each with rough ground and ranging from 3 - 8 acres each. Choices I had were Exmark, D.C., and Grasshopper. I choose the GH for a variety of reasons, and since it is a new model, I expected there might be some " new model/first year" type problems along the way. With that said, here is my report.
    Cut: Cuts great even in heavy, wet grass. No clogging problems. Almost no scalping , does better than both of my 60" ZTR's on rough ground. I believe this is due to it's wide stance.
    Power: The Kubota handles anything I want to mow without bogging down. It mows as fast as ground conditions will allow.
    Ride & Handling: Seat very good. Big, low-pressure tires provide a smooth ride. Steering is very smooth.
    Problems: 10HRs - Throttle cable broke on a Sat. morning. Dealer had part to me by Tues AM . Rigged temp cable so no downtime.
    32HRs - Fuel tank ruptured at seam (a plastic tank)T ook dealer 2 days to get tank from factory. Bad tank would still hold 4 gal. , so no downtime except for 1 day for installation of new tank.
    38HRs - Factory rep called and said a problem was developing on these machines where elec. clutch fits on eng. shaft and they would send a shim that needed to be added at that coupling.
    About 1 hour after phone call, clutch failed. Dealer needed 3 days to get clutch from factory. Total downtime of 4 days.
    Dealer & Mfgr. Support: Both have gone all out to resolve these problems. Factory rep has made a loaner machine avail. to me so I have not lost any mowing time.
    Overall Satisfaction: I am very pleased with the machine and with the dealer and factory support. Lately I have been trying the 428 on smaller properties where Idid not think it would work. Much to my surprise, I find it will work almost anywhere a 60" will work. I may buy another 428 later this year.:D
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    I found my 72 to be very easy to operate in most of my residentials. At first it was bought for the large areas but since owning it it's found it's way into everything it will fit in. No scalping for the most part, I have to work to get it to do that.

    Update: Purchased July '99
    600+ hrs
    2 belts
    no further problems to report
    25 Kohler has been flawless

    If anybody out there has reservations about buying a 72 I can assure you they will go a lot of places you wouldn't think they would. See if you can demo one or borrow one before the purchase and you'll find out what I mean.
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