Grasshopper mower?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by drpepperinacan, Apr 30, 2010.

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    I thinking about selling my brand new residential grade cub cadet zero turn and using the money to purchase some other stuff from a failed lawn care business owner. the mower is a grasshopper 725 model ,it has a 52" duramax deck, a liquid cooled kohler engine but it has 1400 or so hours on it. It has $1500 in new parts too. the is also a 6x12 trailer , three weedeaters (two of which are echo) and a crafstman backpack blower. the guy wants $2500 for all this. would this be a good deal to take or not? is it a good trade up?
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    I would say it is. That Grasshopper, if it is in fairly good condition, is worth probably $4500.00, or more.
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    I agree, if its in good shape. At 1400 hours, your taking a gamble with alot of stuff that could need replaceing. Hydro pumps, spindles, deck bearings, things of that sort. Over all, $2500 is a steal. I just got a new 6x12 trailer for $1500.
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    If your not gonna pick that up, please let me know about it. All that for 2500, damn I'm on my phone and can't see where you live but I will come out wherever and pick it up.
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