Grasshopper mowers?!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by johnnybravo8802, May 15, 2013.

  1. johnnybravo8802

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    I've done a search on grasshopper's and couldn't find anything on here. I'm not sure if it's operator error or this site has got more screwy. I've always wanted to try one but have heard a lot of mixed reviews. I used to work at a state park in 90' and they bought some hoppers right after I left. I was told that they stayed in the shop all the time and they couldn't get anything done as far as mowing. Personally, they look flimsy to me...everything is micro compared to my Scag TT...caster's, thickness of the steel, etc. I've even heard one guy claim they were more of a homeowner mower than a commercial unit. You hear things like that and then you hear someone on here claim they have over 7000 hrs on theirs with a diesel. I like the versatility of the front mount and that's why I'm considering one-doing a demo on a diesel next week. The big thing is that I never see them being used around here and that's usually a red flag. Any insight will be greatly appreciated.
  2. 08wstroke

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    i am running 2 430D 61" one has aprox 1650 hrs very little trouble and the other has approx 120 hrs and have a 930d sitting in the shop with 2200 hrs Ihave ran Grasshoppers for 12 yrs have great dealer support
  3. johnnybravo8802

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    Wow!!!!, 184 views and only 1 comment on grasshopper.....:confused:I know there has to be more than one person out there who runs grasshopper. Maybe
    I should take the lack of comments as a red flag in purchasing one.
  4. Greg78

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    Never ran one but Grasshopper is pretty popular in my area. One member lehighlawnpros has several and really likes them. He isn't too active on the forums lately though.
  5. Mowingman

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    I ran Grasshoppers in my mowing operations. They were the only mower I found that would hold up to very rough conditions, and also mow very nice high visibility locations, leaving a nice cut in all these conditions. For instance, I mowed our city landfill and the city sewage plant. Also mowed nice manicured sites, like parks and fire stations.
    They are well designed,well built, simple to maintain, comfortable to operate, and give a good looking cut.
    I liked them so much, that I opened a lawn equipment shop and became a Grasshopper dealer.
    Many of the cities around here use only Grasshopper diesel ZTR's. This is due to the long life they can get from them. A lot of the towns run these Grasshoppers 7 - 10 years, then, sell them at auctions, still in good operating condition.
  6. Blades Lawn Maintenance

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    Groundskeeper LLC on here runs grasshopper and he seems to love them
  7. groundskeeperllc

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    They are great quality mowers and I think they have one of the best cuts in the industry but I'll be honest, the cut is great but they don't disperse the clippings as well as other brands especially in wet conditions. I've consided switching brands at times but always fall back ony hoppers. I actually haves demoed a Gravley Pro Ride 460 and a 52" Pro Stance... I love the mowers and their clipping dispersal is way better than my Grasshoppers but they scalped like crazy. I still can't get over how there are no rear scalp wheels on the 60" and 52" decks, they left lines in uneven terrain where my hoppers don't. Overall they are a great mower that will outlast any other brand but might not be as productive as other brands.
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  8. retrodog

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    I became a dealer last year and cant believe how little i replace idlers and spindle bearings on them. I also thought the parts were extremely high for them, but i was always buying parts at tractor dealers. Spindle bearings from the factory are $7.99 and hold up better than most ive seen. Their spindles have to be the stoutest in the market, and i love the 10 guage plate on top of the 7 guage on the deck. Hands down they have the most productive bagger system...
    i started on hopper the 722d was first mower i ever bought because thats what everyone used here commercially. Always liked mower, really disliked the dealership...
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  9. KS_Grasscutter

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    I've got an 08 223 52in with a little over 800 hours that is my main mower. Use it on everything from manicured lawns of million dollar homes to rough cut native grass or empty lots. I bag all my lawns, but have never felt unhappy at all with the way it discharges when doing lots and stuff. Haven't really had any issues with it, right now it needs wheel bearings on both front wheels and a new catcher tube but those are normal ware items on any mower. I will probably buy a new 223 52" next spring, and keep my 08 for doing the rough cut mowing, that way I won't have to take the catcher on and off a few times a week (only takes 30 seconds to do though). About a quarter to a third of the lawn services here run Grasshoppers.
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  10. banjoman

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    Ive got a old 718K Grasshopper with over 4,000 hours(meter broke a long time ago) on the Kohler motor,hydros, and the deck spindles. The only thing I have replaced is one of the lower bearings on the drive shaft. It cuts great and is always dependable. There is two things I don't like about it though. It does not stripe that good, it really needs a kit if your gonna stripe with it. Where it is a front mount, its kind of awkward to haul around and use. Other than that, they are the toughest mower I have ever seen. Very well built and dependable.

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