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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dogdad, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. dogdad

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    If you own a grasshopper mower, How do you like it and what model do you own. If you bag with a Grasshopper, Does it do a good job? Any problems out there with these mowers? i am considering buying one and would appreciate any feed back.
  2. bob

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    from DE
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    Do a search on this topic and you'll find more info. I have a 97G1 and a 99G2. The 99 has had more problems than the 97. However my friend has a 99 and has had almost no problems. I have a bagger for the 97 that does a outstanding job. I only use it for leaves right now. The mower handles (especially hills) a lot better with out the metal catcher on the back. I also have a 60" dozer blade and a 48" snowblower for the mowers. I'm told the new Duramax deck cuts a lot better than the old style ones.
  3. C & S

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    I have a new 725g2. I love the out-front deck. It makes getting at the blade a breeze. Also have the collection system. Its very well. Not sure about the motor though. I have a 25 horse Kohler. It goes in next week to have an upgrade installed ( Better timing gears). Over-all, I like it alot.
  4. Mowingman

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    I have two Grasshopper midmounts. A 428D/72", and a 321D/61". both have been troublefree. Have over 600hrs on the 428 and about 300 on the 321. I use them both in some very severe mowing conditions and they are holding up well.:D
  5. tyuslawncare

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    We have two Grasshoppers. One 96 720k with over 2000 hours. It's starting to get a little ragged and uses a little oil but still cuts good and we still use it. We just bought a new 321D with a 61" deck. It's almost twice as fast as the 720k and uses less than half the fuel per hour. The new deck on the 321D is far superior to the old deck on the 720. There are a lot of good mowers out there and Grasshopper is one of them. One of the reasons we stuck with Grasshopper this time is our dealer. He is great. I don't think you'll be disappointed if you go with Grasshopper. But definitely stick with the diesel. Especially if you have access to off-road fuel.
  6. tyuslawncare

    tyuslawncare LawnSite Member
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    Forgot to mention the bagging system on GH's are really great.Wet or dry they do a really nice job vacuuming and rarely clog up.
  7. Envy Lawn Service

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    Just FYI here is a link to the new 48" mid-mount since we are talking Grasshoppers. Last fall when I mentioned this mower, nobody on here knew what I was talking about. I waited and waited to get a demo. I got tired of hearing, "well have one in next week" so I can't say anything about performance at all.

    Anyways, the one thing I'd like help clearing up is what's the real deal with the different drive systems on the outfronts? Which is the right way to go there and what's up with that "Grasshopper fluid" stuff?

    I was very tempted to buy a 618 outfront before I got the Y/K. It was totally loaded with all the options for about $6,400 closeout price. I ended up backing out because it was only 18hp.
  8. Keith

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    I avoiding posting anything here since I saw the thread pop up, but I will go ahead and just tell the story. It has more to do with service after the sale than the machine. If you don't want to read a long story, quit here :D

    Back in 1994 I bought a 52" Grasshopper 721. I thought it was the end-all, best thing since sliced bread. By today's standard that particular mower would be considered a little slow and a little underpowered. But then it was a good machine. I purchased it from a local dealer but within 8 months he had closed up shop :( He was a good dude, and maybe too decent for his own good.

    Before that time we had no Grasshopper dealers in the area for quite a number of years. We fell right in an area where you could drive north to a dealer and their distributor was out of Georgia. My area and south was serviced by a distributor on the west coast of Florida.

    Every thing seemed fine until one day in 1995 when one of the hydros went out. I called the distributor and they told me they were setting up a new dealer and to take it to him. When I got there I discovered it was small shop that serviced mostly homeowner Toros and Snappers. He straight up told me he had never worked on a hydro before. I assumed the distributor, who bragged on their "taking care of the customer" would just ship a replacement and be done with it. They did not! They let the guy rebuild the hydro.

    Nine days later I got the machine back. tracking was all screwed up and it didn't sound good. Didn't matter, it broke within 30 minutes :mad: I immediately called the guy I bought the mower from, who happens to be an LCO as well. He told me if the distributor refused to send a new hydro this time, he would go over to this guys shop and do it for him. The distributor said I was not going to get a new hydro and if Dave, the original selling dealer touched it they would void the warranty. They informed me that "this guy has to learn to do these and he will have to do it until he gets it right."

    So after paying for a rental mower for over a week, my machine was right back at the dealer for another stab at a fix. The distributor refused my request for a loaner and the dealer didn't have anything but some 21" Toros. Dave, the original dealer felt really bad about it. He had one of his crews meet me and unload one of his Grasshoppers to use until mine was fixed. Eight more days went by and I finally got it back. Fixed, but never exactly right. All confidence in the distributor and their dealer network was gone. I was quite sure I would buy another Grasshopper before that day, but I was rethinking that at this point.

    Fast forward two years. Right when the rain kicked in I had another little problem. The battery holder broke and the battery grounded out on the frame. Before I new what had happened, the mower had caught the wiring harness on fire and destroyed it. I called Grasshopper directly and talked to a nice young woman who was understanding of all my troubles with the distributor. She told me they could get me a harness, but I would have to order it though a dealer. I would think that in an emergency such as this, they could break the rules and just get one out to avoid downtime for something that was going to have to come directly from them anyway.

    I went ahead and called the distributor knowing I was going to get nowhere with them. The said they could not look up a part number and that I would have to take it to a dealer. By this time there were no dealers here again. I got ticked off, called the Georgia distributor. He was very willing to help me and said he would just order it and ship it directly to me. He too could not really understand all the run around for a part that was going to have to come from Kansas anyway.

    All seemed great until he called me back ten minutes later to inform me Grasshopper themselves told him he could not sell me the part. They remembered me from the call I made earlier and said they knew who it was for and that he could not send me the part. He was just as shocked as I was. He suggested I drive to a dealer to the north, place the order and he would get it from Grasshopper asap and ship it to that dealer. Basically the dealer would just have to phone him since he had the part number and everything ready to go.

    At that point I said screw this and screw Grasshopper. I went and bought a Exmark walkbehind until I could piece a harness together myself.

    This story is not to slam the product itself. It's almost like I was dealing with two companies...the one that made the mower and the one in charge of parts and management. I just wanted to put this out there for you to think about. It may be meaningless and I may seem like some azz with a gripe. I just want you to know things go wrong sometimes and Grasshopper didn't care to do anything about it.

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