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    Slope gauge app said 4.9/12. This is around 40% slope Wheelbase is 52" wide with 22x11.00x10 tires and a VERY low center of gravity. Total length is nearly 9 feet. The deck is 61" wide. Seat height is 30" which is MUCH lower than most commercial mid mounts. Finally with my fat butt on it she weighs #1700. This is the ONLY reason the hopper will run this slope. I have a few other properties about as bad. While nobody advises mowing slopes like this i am one of the only ones in the valley capable of it and am paid well to do it.
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    Forgive me. I had to brush up on my Algebra from 24 years ago. Anyone remember the Artican theory? A 5/12 pitch is around a 23% slope. I was thinking logically that a 6/12 was a 45* angle but remembered degrees and percent are not the same. 6/12 is only 26%
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    I'm pretty sure my cub cadet could do that lol:laugh::laugh:

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