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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tranum, Oct 17, 2000.

  1. tranum

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    my first post. hope i get it right. took delivery of a 2000 grasshopper 721d 61 inch deck w/15 cu. ft. collector 7 weeks ago. the left blade is cutting higher than the other two. dealer has had it back 3 times & it has also been looked at by distributor's rep. can't figure it out. dealer tells me the factory will be sending a rep to look at the machine on Oct.23. anyone out there had similar problem with grasshopper? anything else i need to ask the factory guy? only have 24 hrs on machine & can't use it til it's right... alsoooooo 99 turf tiger...792 hrs & i am on my 3rd driveline. splines are wearing out & twisting and the vibration gets pretty dealer says it is caused by operating in the sandy soil conditions we have here in south alabama. Would appreciate any suggestions/comments on my specific problems or these machines in general...thnxs

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    not about your problems, but on the tiger maybe you can take a couple of serious tie straps and some rubber covering and block out some of that sand if works on my walker where the pto shaft comes together.
  3. bob

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    Check air pressure? Does it cut high with or without the vacuum? Fiber washers? Switch the blades around. If its a flip up deck (SL61) make sure its locked proper.
  4. RMc Lawn

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    On the grasshopper I bought a new 725 this spring and had problems w/deck plugging. dealer could find nothing wrong other than rpms 200 too fast when that did not fix problem they replaced the deck. mows perfect now has 400 hrs. make sure tire pressure is the same in both tires 7lbs, also checkthe fiber washers.
  5. cos

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    welcome tranum,

    hope to hear more posts too in the future from new guys as well.
  6. tranum

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    the grasshopper rep was a no show on oct 23rd. no phone call, nothing. just didn't show. i called him on the 24th & got a weak excuse. said he would be here on the 27th with a new deck & vac unit. shows up, but without deck. goes thru his routine, makes several calls to the factory & finally decides there "may" be some wear in left mounting bushing. tells me he will ship new bushing & different set of blades on monday 30th. friday, nov 3rd, have not received bushings so i called the factory (kinda P.Oed by now). they apologize & tell me they will ship parts to my dealer to arrive today 6th. still no parts. the guy at the factory said they would instruct my dealer to "cheat" up 1 link on the right side mounting chain when he installed new bushing to get deck level w/vac unit attached. i'm not the smartest guy in the world, but it sounds like they are trying to "rig" this machine instead of fix the problem. this has been going on for 10 weeks now (25hrs on machine) & i'm 'bout at the end of my rope. please, someone give me your thoughts...... P.S. these are all factory dealer has done everything he knows to do & is wringing his hands just like me...thanx in advance
  7. Lawnworks

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    I would get the Grasshopper fixed or "rigged" and sell it. I have had to deal with the Grasshopper executives and factory people and have been disapointed. Grasshopper does not deserve your business. I would go with Dixie Chopper or Exmark/Toro. If you are set on an outfront mower I would get a Walker even though they are slow and high maintence. These companies back their equipment, Grasshopper does not.
  8. Keith

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    I wish I could tell you what to do. After several run-ins with Grasshopper dealers, distributors and the Grasshopper company itself. I was basically blacklisted :mad: I had a harness burn up and they wouldn't help me get a new one asap. The felt that I needed to go through the chain of command to order it. It was such a rare service part dealers and the distributor didn't know how to order it. There lies the reason I tried to deal with Grasshopper. They blew me off so I finally called the Georgia distributor and he was willing to help, he had the part number and everything. Grasshopper would not ship it to him, because they knew where it was going (since I had just got off the phone with them.) They refused to let him sell it to me because I was out of his area.

    Boycott Grasshopper Now
  9. dylan

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    I feel for you. A many thousand dollar machine and it does not work. I had many problems with my walk behind and after months of fustration, finally called the president of the company. Start at the top and work your way down. Couple of days later I had a new machine in my trailer courtesy of the company. It should be their goal to get you mowing.
  10. MJB

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    I've had good luck with Grasshopper, but have also heard others having problems with customer service. I would demand a new deck, if that doesn't work let them know you will go out of your way to make it known to the lawncare industry that GH is selling machines this way. I would get a new deck or my money back. I would even go as far as to contact the media (at least tell them you will.)

    Good luck, in general Grashoppers are very reliable,
    and productive.

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