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  1. mowniacal

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    In the many, many posts (including some of my own) that ask which brand to buy, one common answer is that a main point is to go with a reputable dealer that will provide good service and also be in reasonable proiximity.

    I have been looking mostly at eXmarks and Hustlers and like what I see and, within a 20-mile radius, I have access to most brands. But very close by is a Grasshopper dealer and I think I can get a good deal because I bought a tractor from them. They're good folks and provide good service, etc. The question is, do I want a Grasshopper?

    The application is a mixture of lawn and field mowing. The latter consists of all kinds of weeds and grasses but none of it should be a real challenge to any decent mower. The field areas are a bit of a rough ride at times, however, even in a pick-up truck.

    I am not a commercial operator, where I might be replacing this mower in a few years anyway. This might be my only mower forever. Should I consider the GH?
  2. John Gamba

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    Grasshopper has come a long way since the 6MPH days.
  3. jtkplc

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    Then I would want the Kubota Diesel that Grasshopper offers.
  4. JTF40

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    A-Men, Brother..........Kubota Diesel = Smooth !!!!!!!! :usflag:
  5. mowerman90

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    I've owned 2 Grasshoppers, one with a 25hp Kabota and the other with a 20hp Kohler. I currently own a Hustler. IMHO Hustler wins hands down. I'd NEVER go back to a Grasshopper.
  6. Bay de Noc Lawn Car

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    mowerman90... What model year was that 25hp grasshopper?

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