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    I went today and checked out the local Grasshopper dealer.
    I was extremely impressed. He had a great respect for commercial mowers,
    having previously been one himself. He was telling me how important it is to keep plenty of parts in stock, and a couple of loaners/demo machines in case he cant get his customers up and running quickly. This guy WOULD NOT talk badly about other mowers or dealers, and gave me lots of advice and showed me alot of things about mowers. He spent a good hour and a half with me, even though they were very busy. Every customer that came in talked to him like a family member or best buddy. I also demo, on his rough property a 223-52, and i really like it, it rode much smoother than the Exmark Laser CT i used last week.
    Needless to say, when the time comes for me to purchase my first ZTR, I will be dealing with him. Although, after talking with him, I dont know if it will be a ZTR or a out front mower.
    I have been to 6 other dealers, and none of them took ANY time with me, and they werent even busy, customer wise.
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    They have come a long way with the out-frount mowers.:clapping:

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