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  1. PLM-1

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    I am thinking about getting a grasshopper front mower. What does everyone thing? Used or New? If used, what do i look for...i want a 60" deck but what kind of engine, diesel or gas? What series 600, 700 or 900?? Thanks for all the guys and some girls are a big help!!!! Oh by the way...i know it won't fit on my 5 X 10...i have another trailer 7 x 18. Just thought i would throw that in for some of you smart-ellics out there!!! LOL

  2. so33alabama

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    I have ran the 725 w/t 24.5 kubota gas liquid cooled it has 2400 hours no problems except for gasket leaking.great machine and very versatile.we also run the mid mounts and know problems out of them.225 kholer and 227 kholer.all were bought knew and have 61 inch decks.
  3. Aleman

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    I'm in the process of getting ready for a new mower. I'm looking at the Grasshopper 227 along with the Super Mini Z. Any experience with either of these?
  4. Buckeye17

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    I haven't run one recently, but we never had any problems with the 700 series. We ran 52" deck which I much preferred over the 60 - much nicer stripe, and the 60 weighed just enough to make a noticeable difference in certain situations. We ran the paddle tires instead of regular turfs. Oh yeah, be careful around swingsets, if the muffler design hasn't changed it's easy to catch on a stray chain/rope, not that I ever had that happen....
  5. rtyus

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    We run Grasshopper because they build a good mower and we have a great dealer in the area. We have a 321D/61 now. Definitely go with the diesel. The torque is better, fuel consumption is a lot lower than a gas and you can run off-road diesel which is a great savings over the year.
  6. Lawnboy112

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    If your looking to spend some get new if not get used. Just my two cents. Good luck.
  7. MJB

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    If you get a used one make sure that it has a the heavy duty hydrostatic transmissions. They went thru a change, I think around 99 but not sure. The bigger machines need the heavy duty trans. 700 series are great machines.
  8. NNJLandman

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    Boss has 4 of em, best dang mowers In my opinion.
  9. Mowingman

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    The 600 series are residential machines. The 700 series with the Gemini are good for commercial work, but the 700 with the G1 or G2 transmissions are a whole lot better. The "G" series trans. are the typical hydrostat system with individual wheel motors and pumps. A whole lot faster, more durable, and cheaper to fix than the Gemini transmissions.
    The front-deck machines now have an easy to use, flip-up deck that is really handy for blade changes, deck cleaning, or for saving space on a trailer.
  10. ScCo

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    have had a few grasshoppers. I won't knock the machines because I see enough people locally that are happy with there's to assume that they are poor quality machines just because of my bad luck with them.

    I will say that right now I'm really needing an out front machine, and i'm having a tough time finding one for what I need as I won't buy another grasshopper and the walker dealer in my area is awful.

    I had really bad luck with spindles on my 725, and my 225 had pto clutch problems, along with a constant string of small things. Never any huge failures, just constantly small things going wrong.

    Anyhow, I guess I just ended up with two of "the bad ones" but that's enough for me. But again, as many people as I see that like them, they must be doing something right. Between a dealer that is outrageously high priced if you are under 35 years old and looking to buy, and my bad luck with them, my money goes elsewhere.

    hope there is some coherency to the above,


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