• PPP The Second Time Around
    The Emergency Coronavirus Relief Act of 2020 passed in December contained $284 billion for the renewed Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Click here to read the article.



His forum is not here anymore because it was not getting any traffic and was taking up space. Im also thinking about getting rid of the irrigation forum because its pretty much dead.

GrassMaster is still around. He has been a VERY important member to lawnsite.com and deserves all my respect. If he ever needs my help he only needs to ask.

Chuck Keough


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South East
Yea Grassmaster should come back. He just got carried away with that copyright thing. We all get carried away sometimes. No big deal. Let me see we have about 20 cents now and with his 2 cents worth we will have 22 cents. Every penny counts. maybe when we reach 10000 members we will have a whole dollar :)
Hello Everybody:

First of all I want to thank Chuck for his Kind Words!!!!!

Guido, sometimes I think you is here in the states watching me. :) Yes, for the past month except Christmas Day, I've been deep down in the Bowels of Archives (Pop Secret area, I have F.E.M.A. Clearnce level GS-69) about 1,000 ft. below surface level of Washington D.C.'s Capitol ( Dixie Chopper ) that was for you Eric my friend! Trying to learn more about Copyright Law! I didn't learn anymore than I already know? LOL, :)

Guido, I know know the true meaning of "Big Brother" means now? :) Everybody Guido is one of my bestest internet friends. You will be lucky if you aquire one of these in your lifetime? I have many?


Thanks Everybody for asking about me, I've been very busy running my 2 Green Industry related Websites & building another NON Green Industry related website now, which is taking a toll on my abused 46 year old body. I work close to 12 hours a day 7 days a week. + or - a hour or 2

Between the websites, working at my business a few hours a week & spending a few Quality hours a day with my 2 Wonderful Daughters, I'm stretched pretty thin.

The 2 trips back & forth to the Capital's archives for the past month has made matters worse. LOL, :) I fly for free due to my F.E.M.A. Clearnce level GS-69. Thanks to all the Tax payers mainly the ones that report every dime of their income. I Salute you Guys & Keep up the Good Work!

I'm just a Lerker now, but I'll be back sooner than you can type Copyright! LOLRFLMAO! :)

BTW, I'm truly very sorry for the short post, I know how you guys like my long post & all the spacing between the paragraphs. I'll make up for it SOON! I promise, That's a Fact Jack!

If any of you guys really need me, just print GrAssMaster on the face of the Spot light backwards if you can do that & shine it in the sky. I'll be here like a sore wort on yo mouse finger! :)


Eric ELM

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It's good to see you back and posting. When you get some more spare time, be sure to come back and post some of your short posts again. :D