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  1. Smallaxe

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    What do we know about the TV advertisement about "Grassology"???

    Is it a Cool or Warm Season grass and does it look like quackgrass or lawn turf???
  2. bolc5150

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    $15.00+ per 1lb. Hmmm that's expensive.
  3. crgstvrs

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    Not positive about looks of it, have seen ads for it. This is only my OPINION but at 15.00 a lb. or whatever the true cost is find a good seed supplier, get a top quality cultivar for your area and pocket the extra 11 or 12 dollars. or simply buy as much quality seed for same cost and use it for those random spots that neighborhood dogs leave, thin slightly, or what ever. Just opinion but advertising they are putting in to product is where the extra cost is. they have it packaged at walmart now may want to see what cultivars it contains not sure if it will be there though. but I promise you will be better off buying more of a top quality cultivar.
  4. RigglePLC

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    I think I found some info on it a few weeks ago. Can't find it now. But if you look it up online--there are about 50 sites reviewing it --and all are links to the main company. Except for Amazon.
    As I recall, it is mainly an ordinary grass seed mixture, rye, fine fescue and blue. Lots of advertising. But they do not specify which cultivars--so--you cannot look up the quality scores on NTEP.

    Welcome back, Axe!
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  5. crgstvrs

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    I looked at a bag tonight about 7 different types of seed no specific cultivars listed, could be anything . snakeoil in my opinion.
  6. Smallaxe

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    Thanks for the replies...
    To me it sounded like they got some better color in the No Mow Fescue
    Maybe they'll have some better info on it next fall seeding time... :)
  7. RigglePLC

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    Can you really get a US Patent for purchasing 5 varieties of seed and mixing them together? What is the patent number?
    Does he have any evidence for deep roots? How deep does he claim? Up to two feet?

    You would be best off to choose grass species suited to your climate and local conditions. Look at the NTEP comparison results for your state and the national average score. And try to use cultivars that scored in the top 30 percent of the NTEP tests, at least from page one.

    Major seed companies have dozens of Ph.D. plant geneticist and breeders are competing year after year to come out with the darkest green, most disease resistant and most drought resistant grass possible. They are not afraid to let you see them at university plots and in comparison data. Maybe that is why Yankee stadium uses some of the top-rated varieties.

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