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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by bamaturfguy, Aug 11, 2009.

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    I have a small sod farm in North Alabama and I was wanting to ask you guys what is the best control of grassy weeds for the best value. I have been using trimecplus and speedzone. Sometimes I will add a little MSMA if I really have a problem with grassy weeds. I have read this forum about acclaim, drive75, and other products but wanted to get some of your expertise in this area. Thanks!
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    Bama: I really appreciate your use of the English language. Unlike so many posts on this site, yours has correct punctuation, and capital letters. I can't even understand those without a period and any sentence structure. Those don't even warrant an answer.
    What is your turf product? Not all herbicides can be used on all grass. If you're growing centipede or St. Augustine some of the common one are a death nail. Which grassy weeds are you targeting?
  3. bamaturfguy

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    I have 3 types of turf that I grow...Tif419 bermuda, GN-1 bermuda, and Meyer Zoysia. The main problems that I battle right after harvesting or sprigging are crabgrass and dallisgrass. Also, can someone give me a quick lesson on the importance of using surfactants? I used some while spraying non-selective herbicides but never for selective. Thanks!!
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    Hey Bama. I work for a lawn care company with offices in Huntsville and Birmingham so we battle the same weeds. If you are having problems with grassy weeds such as crabgrass and dallisgrass then MSMA is the way to go, while we can still use it. It is safe for your 419 and GN-1 bermuda as well as your Meyer zoysia. The trimec plus has MSMA in it but it is a much lower concentration than straight MSMA. I have had mixed results with Drive. We use it for crabgrass control in our fescue lawns in Huntsville but MSMA is our go to product. For the cost you can't beat it but you must do follow ups on 7-10 day intervals until the weeds are gone. One treatment usually won't kill them unless they are very young. Most MSMA products, such as Target 6.6 and Weedhoe already have the proper amount of surfactant added. If you use Drive make sure you use a methylated seed oil surfactant to get the best results.
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    Thanks jbrown5. One more question...when mixing with TrimecPlus, what oz to gallon ratio you use for the MSMA if and when you add it? I find myself sometimes getting too aggressive with the MSMA and of course leads to damaged turf.
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    I have never tinkered with the MSMA ratio in Trimec Plus by adding more MSMA. If you can I would spray for grassy weeds one week and come back the next and treat for broadleafs. I did some experimenting in my younger days by mixing MSMA and Lesco Three Way together. The result was a block of cement in my backpack. If you find a winning combination let me know.
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    Pour in one, add most of water(rinse measuring cup) measure the other and pour in. Top off with water. Any other method of mixing the 2 in one tank and you risk chemical reaction>>(block of cement)

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