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    Patch of this in a nice blue/rye lawn. Seeding out now before the other grasses. Wiry hard seed stem. Plant turns purple-ish in the cooler fall months.

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    I may have the same thing growing in a midnight, bewitched, and award blend I seeded last fall. My first thought was that it was poa triv., but the ligules are like those of poa prat. I’m hoping it’s just award going to seed. That was the first time I’ve used award, but I also used it in a prg/kbg mix in another part of my lawn, so far, I don’t see it in the prg/kbg mix. In my experience kbg doesn’t usually seed much the first spring but this is trying to seed right away as if it were poa annua but it’s not annua either because of the ligules and the much longer than annua seed stalks, so I’m worried it’s something unwanted and I haven’t been able to identify it either.

    Are you able to determine how it is spreading?
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    Not certain did not have a lot of time to sleuth it. It does not seem to be bunchy like K31. Kind of dispersed so rhizomous but not as vigorous as quackgrass.
    I was gonna say poa annua too but doesn't quite fit.

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