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    I just got our grating in for our pondless features that I use instead of matrix bloxs and some of you were interested in it. Here are some pics of what I got in 5' circles and 3x8 sheets that I can cut down. Sorry I didnt have large boulder on hand to show the strength of them so I figured a 4000 pound skid steer should work!:weightlifter: I dont think the bloxs would hold that up!:laugh:



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    They're definitely strong enough!

    With a stack that size, looks like you are planning on a good year!
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    How are you accessing your pump vault without a tone of gravel falling into the pit?
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    I actually cut a trap door into the grates for access.. I generally cover that with a large stone and place gravel around it I don't use a pump vault generally with this setup cause its a open system below the grates expect with wat cinder block I use. This system allows even more water volume in the pits. Now on a different setup with a pump vault I generaly will cut a section on the outside of the pit where the grating doesn't cover it but is still part of the pit and again cover it with a piece slat or rock.. Also if I was to use a smaller gravel I actually will place a piece of heavy duty screen that u can grab at lowes or hdepot over the grate to prevent stone from falling in.. However I use larger cobble so its not a concern..
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    Pm me and ill look for my sketch up for my pit designs and send it you
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