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Just wanted to put my two cents down. Very thankful for the helpful information that is provided here. For somebody that is completely new to this business, I think it's very refreshing to be able to find information that is helpful to someone starting out. In this day and age it is very rare to find a community of people willing to share their knowledge and secrets of their business with outsiders. In this day of competition, everybody out for the next guy's dollar, it's so refreshing to be able to ask questions and get honest answers. I feel that I, as well as others new to this game that a succesful business is possible. I also feel that the questions others have answered for me will help me be succesful. Just wanted to thank the moderator and all you lawn care professionals out there for freely giving us newbies like myself your time. So far it has probably saved me thousands in mistakes. For I believe in any venture, information is the most important resource. The lawncare business is new to me, although self-employment is not. I was a fourth generation farmer who recently displaced is very excited to be soon working for myself again in a new field not quite unlike farming. Thanks for providing us with this valuable service!

Nilsson Associates

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Are people here saving thousands and yet not willing to spend hundreds? That's gratitude for you. Takers, not givers for the person who provides the &quot;medium for exchange&quot;? If Chuck shut down the board, would everybody scurry over to L & L Mag boards where advertisers &quot;pay&quot; for the boards?<br>


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SW Missouri
Hey Phil!<br>Chuck has said in the past that he is not in this for the money. I think you are missing out. Alot of information is spread here that you try to sell in your programs. This forum helps all involved. Chuck included I'm sure! My 2 cents


Don't get me wrong... it would be nice if my time spent on this forum would pay for itself but I think all good things come with hard work. <p>Phil has spent a lot of time at my forum, especially at the old site. :) He has contributed invaluable information!!<p>I just think Phil recognizes that this forum is a asset to the common guy looking for information &lt;i&gt;and&lt;/i&gt; the guy looking to advertise his product or service. <p>----------<br>Charles Keough<br>http://www.hallofforums.com


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McMurray, PA
...my 2 cents worth... <p>I agree with other postives mentioned here. I've not done this work very long, and am a &quot;one man show.&quot; Therefore, the sharing of ideas, expereriences of others has been helpful to me. Sure, one sees other contractors driving around, working closeby, but do we share - NOT! I have one other contractor nearby, who showed me the way to this Forum several months ago, who is willing to share ideas and we do talk often. <p>So, thanks Chuck for your efforts!<p>


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South East
Having been in this business for along time. I wish I had this forum to guide me when I first started out. One thing that helps the long termers in the business is helpimg the newbies. Trying to elevate this business into a profession. Making the new people aware of what it takes to get started and to stay in the business for the long haul. NO one benefits when a new person comes into the business world with cheap equipment and charges the bare mininium of what he or she could be making. Then after a year gets frustrated after not making much money and having broken equipment and goes out of business. I can't count how many times when giving an estimate and a customer tells me that that lawn service before was charging some rediculous low amount. My answer &quot; why is he not still doing your lawn?&quot; The answer is usually &quot; that the man didn't show up to work anymore and now their phone is disconnected&quot;. Then I have to take time out and explain all over again why I have to charge what i do so I can help them for a long time....<br>Charles


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Charlotte N.C.
My .02 worth.<br>This site has been a great deal of help for some and not much for others. I myself think it is a damn good site for ANYONE in this industry who sincerly cares what is happening and where it is headed. My own personal opinon is that anything that we can do to raise the standards of this industry all the better. Higher stanards = better quality work being performed = more $$$ in your pockets. It's a funny thing though....some people still just don't get it! My personal THANKS! for this site and to all who have provided USEFUL information here. Keep up the good work!


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Charlotte, NC
Ditto to all of the positive comments. I am relatively new to the business and the comments from the old timers (no offense intended) has been great.<p>Thanks Chuck<p><p>----------<br>Jeff<br>