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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by bottlefed89, Jun 28, 2005.

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    I need to basically move a gravel drive. The is a circle drive at a customers house, she is getting a front porch put in and I basically have to move the drive away from the house. I've never done a gravel drive... Anything specific I need to know?? What size gravel should the base consist of, or do I just use all 3/4"(that's what they want on top)??
  2. cndhaines

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    3/4" crushed make sure its crushed not river rock or it will never set in it will just move out of the way when u walk/drive on it

  3. AGLA

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    You really need to get this answer locally because of the soil types in your area. What we do here is use what we call process stone (3/4"-) and compact it. Then we put as thin a coat of the finish stone on top. If you put the finish coat, 3/4" in your case, too deep, the cars kind of swim in it rather than drive on top.

    If you have clay or heavy soils, you'll need a different base than us (we are mostly sand). But, definitely don't make the top coat thick.
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    Hows the job looking Bottlefed? Are you using the existing gravel? If so it is going to be hard to use some of it. Don't you think? So bring in more gravel and setup a debris removal. Maybe a small dumpster, used as fill or some other creative idea (bury it).

    I bid a small gravel drive removal, soil and seed early this year and didn't realize how much work it would be until I plotted it out.

    Maybe use heavy gravel and dress it with buckshot, isnt' that how they make country roads?

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