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Gravel Drivway Question


LawnSite Member
I just found this site, looks like there is a ton o' information here.

I have a quick question if someone has time.

Sombody at work asked for me to help him out with some gravel driveway installations.


new 210 ft x 10 ft driveway that will need to be graded from existing yard and 4" of 1 1/2" rock installed on a compacted base of 3/4" minus base. The slope of the yard is not bad, just needs to be leveled.

remove 1800 sqft of existing driveway road base 3" deep compact the remaining base and replace with same rock from above.

Also I will be reusing the 3" deep base from above for the new driveway so that would be moving that material and respreading.

Also (again), the dump truck can not get into the area to dump spread the material on the new driveway, just too tight of a corner for the truck to make.

Will be using a 35 hp compact tractor with grading & box blades and a Bobcat for all the work.

Just as a ball pack figure, what would some of you charge for this type of operation.

Thank you for any help,


LawnSite Member
Thanks for the reply. I usually charge $65 /per hour. The customer has asked for a full bid for the price and not an hourly rate. I have never installed an entire driveway before, just grading to get washboard and fixing the crown.

Just wondering if anybody offers this type of service and what they would charge... I have come up with a price of .50 a sq. ft for materials and installs and I think I maybe too low...