Gravel-lok pricing

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St.louis MO
Does anyone have an idea what this product cost. It appears that I don't have a distributor in my area. PM if you don't want to disclose pricing on an open forum.


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I was on a job in Webster Groves where Meyer Landscaping installed this product for a big driveway. Didn't ask where they purchased it, but I assume it was locally somewhere. Could try and give them a call to ask? Looks pretty cool when it's new. I still don't buy how you can plow snow off it though. Guess we might not have to worry about that much around here anymore!


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Wow, never heard of this stuff. Anyone want to give an overview of how it works and the installation process?

I see from the website it is a liquid that I am guessing you pour onto a gravel path/driveway and it bonds it all together??

Seems like a good idea for people with long driveways and wonder how much it costs compared to blacktop. I actually have a client who this would be perfect for.