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    I hate asking stupid questions, but i am new in this business. I have a 187sf pile of gravel that needs to be removed. I was going to have one person help me along with myself. I figured out my overhead. The problem I have is finding out what percent extra should go to me. The total overhead is $200. How much should I add on to that to go to me? (Overhead includes the pay of my helper).

    2) Also, where do you guys get the gravel that goes under drives and walks? What is it called? Can it be delivered? How much is it a square foot???

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    look in the phone book for trucking outfits they will deliver if you tell them what you want. ca6 or ca16 would work under drive or walk if new drive start with ca2 and then ca6 . should be tons of places up around you . if cant find any call a concrete supplier and they should be able to help you find someone or point you in the right direction . oh yeah you want crushed gravel and not river stone . hope this might help
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    To the first question I would call a couple of waterproofing and excavating companies in the area and see if the want (X) yards of gravel, just come and get it. Gravel around here goes for about 30 bucks/ton @ 1.5 tons/yard.

    I use 21AA ( 3/4" crushed to fines ), about 16 bucks/ton @ 30 ton load.


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    thanks for the replies and I'm still learning! Sorry for the probubly already asked question!

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