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gravely 152z


LawnSite Member
Just invested in a gravely 152z, and I am love'n it so far, coulden't pass up the price $5900 out the door. does any one use the gravely and how are they holding up. I had to drive 2 hours to get it, the dealer here would not match the price.
All I run are Gravely's/Ariens.
'02 PM262 60" w/ 25 hp Kawi
'02 ProG belt drive 36" with sulkie
'03 Ariens commercial wlk behind (should have paid the extra $200 for the heavier Gravely unit-crew is kind of hard on equipment)
I put on at least 500 hrs pr year on the equipment. However, with the way the phone is ringing now, I think it will go to around 800 or so.
There is a lot of equipment out there, what and how I choose is more due to dealer support than bells and whistles.
I seriously considered Walker, but the dealer is at least one hour away one way and I can't loose that much time for warranty issues.
After using the Gravely equipment, I am very pleased with it and am looking to purchase the Z34 34" ZTR.