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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by crzybowhntr, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. crzybowhntr

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    I have a Gravely 16g and I am having an issue with my Kohler Magnum 16 getting fuel. I replaced lines from filter to pump and from pump to Carb as well as the filter. The filter will be full in the morning but after I run it the filter does good to stay 1/8 full. Recently it has been dying on me after 20-30 minutes of mowing and I have to blow into the tank to get fuel to pump. In order to get fuel to the motor I had to blow into the tank but it would shortly run out and sputter then die.

    I tested the compression tonight after it ran for a bit and I have 100psi in each cylinder. Does compression or crankcase pressure have anything to do with the fuel pump or fuel delivery?

    I did take the fuel line off of the carburetor and cranked the motor and fuel shot out about 12" or so but when the carburetor ran out of fuel and I cranked the motor the fuel was just dribbling out - should there be a steady stream? Any other way to test fuel pump?

    Any help or ideas is appreciated.
  2. dutch1

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    The Magnum uses a mechanical fuel pump by way of an arm that operates off of the camshaft. With the fuel line off the carb inlet, if the engine is cranked, the fuel should pulse from the fuel line with the oscillation of the pump arm--not a steady stream.
  3. Restrorob

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    I'd be checking/replacing the fuel line back up to the tank then check the fuel cut-off valve and tank for trash......
  4. crzybowhntr

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    I drained the tank and there was nothing in there. I checked the screen and it was clean. I will try to replace the line from tank to fuel filter tonight.

    Any other thoughts???

    Mower has 42xx hours on it and I am not sure that the pump has ever been replaced.
  5. BigFish

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    Did ya check the tank cap vent? Try runnin' with the cap loosened a bit and see what happens.
    I think those pumps can be rebuilt, no? If not, replace the pump, not much else left, ya think?
  6. crzybowhntr

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    cap has been tested to be fine. The pump can`t be rebuilt.
  7. powrguy

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    Did you ever resolve the fuel-starving issue? I have a 16G with the Kohler M18S, and I've changed ALL fuel lines, fuel filter, took the fuel tank cap off, replaced the fuel pump, and it STILL runs for awhile, then it just quits, starved for fuel. I have taken the carb off, shot the heck out of it with carb cleaner, removed the jets and cleaned them, re-installed it and STILL have the same issues.

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