gravely 34z commercial

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by True Harbor, May 7, 2006.

  1. True Harbor

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    theres one for sale with 150 hours on it that was used mostly for personal use. Its a 2004 model and I'm going to check it out tomorrow. Hes asking $2750. Does this sound reasonable and can you guys give me any feedback on it. Thanks
  2. jcthorne

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    It's ok for a second or third mower but it just wasn't for me. Will not handle any slope at can forget about putting mulching blades on it and getting a good cut.......the front wheels are to far in front of the deck therefore more weedeater work.

    I assume your using it for getting in backyards with small gates. Personally it's not worth the price of a cheap 36 walk behind.

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  4. Jpocket

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    I've seen one up close and it looked downright silly.

    BBQBLiTZ LawnSite Member
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    You talking about the HVZ 2350 Zoom?
  6. Jpocket

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    No the Gravely 34
  7. ThirdDay

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  8. Mowingman

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    Most everyone who who has one, really like the little 34Z commercial machine. Do a search here and you will se a lot of good comments. We have sold a bunch at our store, and most folks have installed the mulch kit, with good results. Be sure and use the mulch blades with the kit, not the standard hi-lift blades.

    BBQBLiTZ LawnSite Member
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    23 HP Kohler Courage is crap? Care to explain?
  10. JTF40

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    It's just HIS opinion - there are thousands of them on this websight.

    My ZD21 has taken a verbal beating often from gas engine owners. But like I said...........opinions.:usflag:

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