Gravely 34z mulching kit/blades


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Atlanta, GA
I am picking up my first ZTR tomorrow. It is a used 2004 Gravely 34z with 170 hours. It will be for my personal residential use and hopefully a few yards on the side for my son.

I am trying to find out the best mulching blade to install and if I need a Kit or just the blades. I searched the forum and found little other than a post that stated the new mulching blades suck but the old ones were good.

Also do I even need to consider mulching. Mower is coming with a set of high lift blades and a set of new replacements.

First post so I'll give some bio:

Site = 1 Acre of common Bremuda
Terrain = Flat
Turf density = fair with spring weeds everywhere
Irrigation = none
Goals = Field of dreams!
Mowing frequency = twice a week
Location = Atlanta GA
Sun = Full

I intend for my son to pick up a few neighborhood jobs. Dad gets 20% of the take for maintenance and equipment costs.