Gravely 34Z or 32"-36" Walkbehind?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Husky03, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. Husky03

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    Here is my situation. I am 15 years old (KEEP READING!) and I mow about 10 lawns a week. Sometimes more. I currently use a 21" JS63C Deere for all of my lawns. My services include: Mowing, Gutter Cleaning, Fall Cleanup, and Snow Removal. I have nice trimmers, a blower, and an edger. It is time for me to step up to a larger mower. I already have a decent sized trailer and I am working on getting a truck. My parents currently take me to all of my mowings etc. If I was to purchase a new mower I will need to get it financed through my parents as I do not have $2000+ to spend at the moment after purchasing all of my other things. Is it worth getting a mower under $4000 financed? Now, I do not know what to get. I only have 2 lawns at the most right now that I will use this mower on because the rest of them are very small. After I get it I will try to start getting some larger accounts. Should I get a walk behind or the Gravely 34Z? The Gravely seems perfect for my situation, but I want opinions. I will not be using it on steep hills. Should I just start out with a nice walk behind? Please remember I am 15 and I am trying very hard to just get started with a larger mower and I do not have a lot of money to do this. Chances are I will not be using this mower more than 2-3 seasons at the most. I have tried out the Gravely at the dealer and I loved it. Of course it is the first Z I have ever rode on and I did not cut any grass, but I still loved it:p Please help me out and give some advice keeping my situation in mind. Thanks you for any help:)
  2. txlawnking

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    Personally, Husky if I were you I'd get the walkbehind. My reason is you are young and healthy( I hope). Also I'd keep my investment low, when you're part time. When you graduate, if your really dig the green biz, get burlier equip. The WB/ with a sulky will get you in just about any prop. I'd try to get a clean used 32-36" hydo walkbehind. Just my nickel On a side note I did demo a 34z and I did like it, but it Just wasn't big enough to be my prime mower, also I do some slopes.
  3. Husky03

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    Great response, just the kind I wanted. I realize I am young and just starting, but I really would much prefer to get a lower grade new mower than a used one. I never have good luck buying stuff used. What would you recomend as a cheaper new mower? Also, what is a good way for me to go about checking into used mowers?

  4. txlawnking

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    As far cheap new ones everone seems to like the Quick 36" at the top of the screen, I haven't used it, so I can't really say, but it's less than $2 g I believe... As far as used, check e bay the used forum here on LS and Trader online's equip. section ( they have a mower section). Hope this helps, Also talk to mowing man on here, the last time I talked to him he had a 36" Wright stander, for a good deal with only like 13 hrs., But he's in Dallas...
  5. Husky03

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    I have read everything I could find on that Quick 36 and it seems to be a great product for the price. The site really makes it sound great, but I have not heard many real life reviews on it. I will try keeping my eyes out on Ebay. Thank you for your help. More opinions are welcome.:)
  6. TClawn

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    if you do a search on gravely you should come up with a lot of helpfull information.

    anyway, good luck!
  7. 65hoss

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    Its July now, if you borrow the money now you won't be using the machine long enough this season to pay them back. Wait until early next year, just before cutting season to buy it. That way you can see about any new business you might be getting.

    Personally, I would get a eXmark Metro 36" belt drive. Workhorse with little expense and great cut. If you only plan to use it for a few years don't spend all the money on a rider or hydro. Its real easy to sell a good used belt drive 36" mower. Real easy. Which brings me to my question...why only 2-3 seasons?
  8. spcfoor

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    I bought the 36" Gravely wb in april this year and love it. Gravely also has a deal no intrest no payments for a year. But is you pay it off before the year is up you dont have to pay the intrest. Just my thoughts. Good luck
  9. Itsgottobegreen

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    A eXmark metro is a great place to start. I bought a used one when I was 13. I need a back up mower to my bunton bullet and for 2 account with narrow gates. I still have it. Never really had any problems with it. It just runs and runs. Walk behinds are better for teens. Since they cost less, they put more money in your pocket (which the IRS loves to take back out) Plus its good exercise.

    I would go with a 32", since you can take anywhere. I had borrowed a friends 36" hydro lesco before I bought it. To see if it would fit through the gates and it didn't. It beats the 21" any day.

    There is a lot of good used equipment out there. Most of my stuff was used except the truck, little wonder blower, trailer, and some of the echo stuff. You just have to look hard enough to find it. I got my kubota tractor for $9000 with 120 hours on it. The dealer offered me $11,500 for it on a trade in a week later. My metro was used two years by a owner operator, sat for two years(broke his back in a car wreck) and I got it for $600. It still looked brand new. I have had guys offer me way more for it. I rather buy it used equipment that is close to brand new. It saves money. I wouldn't have half my stuff if I bought new.
  10. LikeBrothers1

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    hey if i was you i would get the gravely 36 it cuts really good and it eat through tall stuff

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