Gravely 34Z verses John Deer riding Mower

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rlc321, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. rlc321

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    I currently have a a John Deer L110 Riding mower with a 17hp kohler and a 44" deck. I am just starting out and I am thinking of buying a Gravely 34Z. This is a part time business for me and the yards I do are a 1/2 acre or less. There are some tight spots I have to get into. All the biger ztrs I have looked at are in the $6000.00 range and is more than I am willing to spend. My question is How much faster will it be to cut a lawn with the 34z compared to the L110? And Will I have more power with the 15hp twin on the 34Z or will it be the same as my 17hp Kohler. Should I buy the 34Z
  2. txlawnking

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    I demoed the 34z it seems to be a good unit,and it's performance will be light years better than your rider.

    CHUCK'SLAWN LawnSite Member
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    I bought a new 34Z 3 months ago and so far it's great for those residentials with tight spots around landscape beds, trees, gated back yards. it has good speed and excellent cut
  4. Sam-Ohio

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    You will be able to find the answers to many of your questions about the 34Z by going to your local dealer and taking a demo ride.

    The 34Z and its bigger brother, the 44Z have been excellent machines. Since these units are essentialy a reworking of the components that make up Gravely's hydro pro walk mowers , they are really engineered for the commercial user.
    Again I urge you to demo the machine so that you can see for yourself how well it controls, and how well the mower cuts and discharges.

    There is one feature about the machine that you should pay attention to when you do a demo ride. The rear wheels are not as large as a full size zero turn machine, and they also are set in narrower so that they fit inside the track of the 34 inch mower. Because of these two features the 34 Z will not cling to as steep of an incline as the larger 148Z or the 260Z will. They are pretty good on modest hills , but not as good on really steep inclines. This simply means that you may find it better to mow straight up and down on sharp banks and hills, instead of mowing across the hill.

    Over all I would give this machine an "A" rating, especially when you consider its very good price.
  5. Pecker

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    Although I never actually ridden a 34Z, there is no comparison between a Z mower vs. a lawn tractor. (PS. . .nothing against your Deere lawn tractor; I run a JD 757)
  6. Tider6972

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    I'm guessing you are a Gravely dealer; how long have you had Gravely?

    What other mower (ZTR) line(s) do you sell?

    Your posts are most informative. Thanks


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