Gravely 460 baffle settings & some pics of stripes

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Erik1981, May 24, 2014.

  1. Erik1981

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    We just finished our first full week of cutting in northern Minnesota. During the last week and through our clean up season I have been messing with the baffles on my Gravely ProTurn 460 and think I have finally found the sweet spot! About three weeks ago I adjusted the baffles to just below the blades, this did a great job while I had the bagger attached but last week, when we started cutting and side discharging, I found it was leaving a noticeable line of clipping about 12" from the discharge or the deck (I do not have the chute attached). So on Wednesday, after trying several different settings, I just removed them and the results were amazing. I got the best carpet I have ever cut and the discharge was perfect. Clippings were dispersed over 3-4 rows and the lawns look like they were bagged.
    I should mention that my 460 is a 2013 with a X-factor deck (not the X-2). I have read a lot of people talking about the X-1 not coming with adjustable baffles but mine did. I purchased the mower last June (2013) so I am not sure when/if they started putting them in the X-1.
    I also use Gator blades from Oregon. Specifically the G3 blades model 96-335. I have found this to be my favorite blade thus far, but I did just order a notched high lift blade to try after reading some great reviews.
    Anyway here is a pic of some of the first stripes of the year. Hope everyone has a great season!

  2. southerntide

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    Beautiful cut and you got that deck dialed in perfect from the looks of it how many other yards have you cut since any more pics?

    Those are just plain gravely stripes without the kit correct? The new mowers leave excellent looking patterns without stripe kit anyways I think so.

    My dealer has 2013s no baffles at all Xfactor 1 (FULL MSRP of XF2 Deck 2014 models), I was like you guys not seen the new XF2 decks or the adjustable baffles yet, Nope!
  3. Erik1981

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    from MN
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    Since I removed the baffles we have cut about 75 lawns and I have been really impressed with the cut. Since we were trying to squeeze in all of our lawns and the last few clean ups before Memorial weekend I did not take the time to take anymore pics. I will try to take some more next week. I do have the stripe kit on this deck. Last year I ran without one and it left good stripes but I wanted to get them a little more defined. It has the cheaper kit that is just a rubber strip that attaches to the back of the deck. I do have the hex roller as well but do not use it since I did not like having to physically lift it into the lock/unlock position each time I loaded or unloaded and half the time it would come out of the up position on its own. If anyone is interested in the hex roller I would be willing to sell it, just PM me.
  4. Ridin' Green

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    The XF II came out in early 2013, the XF I in 2012. I think you probably have the XF II deck. Mary Lynn posted the other day that the II version has red spindles under the deck. If yours are red, you have the II. I have never heard of anyone with the I version and adjustable front baffles. I don't believe Gravely made any with them since that was one of the main changes on the II version.

    BTW, the stripes look great!
  5. Erik1981

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    from MN
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    Mine does have red spindles so I must have the XF 2. Thanks
  6. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    This post is AWESOME. A guy from MN running the same deck I am, the X II. I am pulling those damned baffles off my mower tomorrow (PT 260) and look forward to the results. It is the ONLY issue I have with the machine so far, is that small windrow 12" from the discharge opening. Get rid of that, and away we go!
  7. Erik1981

    Erik1981 LawnSite Member
    from MN
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    I was having the same issue, funny thing is I really didnt notice it last year. But after removing the baffles you'd think we were bagging. I am sure this will resolve your issues as well.
    Off subject - I grew up south east of Rochester in the little town of Wykoff/Spring Valley so I go through Rochester every time we visit my folks. Also my sister and her family live in Rochester. Nice town. Lots of money with the Mayo and IBM emps... I assume its a pretty good market?
  8. mag360

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    Yep - baffles off works best all around. Throw some exmark blades on to really complete the transformation.

    I'm thinking the baffles were added to the new design to reduce front blowout more than anything.

    Also gravely does list a containment kit for the older decks when bagging leaves that probably looks a little like the xf2 baffles
  9. ProStreetCamaro

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    I agree baffles off is the best way to run the 60" XF2 deck. Incredible with them off and much better discharge. Honestly once you remove them that leaves you with an original XF deck. The only difference at that point is the wider discharge opening. Like Mag360 said above throw some notched high lift blades on and it gets even better plus they are cheap at around $10 a blade shipped compared to the $20 per blades for the oem blades.
  10. ProStreetCamaro

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    I should mention for those that don't know yet. The hydros on the 460 and possibly the 260 uses 11 quarts of fluid. 5.5qt's per side. That's a lot of hydro oil! Kind of a pain in the azz to change it. Takes forever to fill them back up. I did it without opening the air escape on top of the hydros because it was hard to get to air purge. Just an FYI for when you guys go to change the fluid and filters.

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