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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by puppypaws, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. greenology

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    Hopefully Gravely will develop some FFs for their machines.

    Have you ever noticed a dip in the front of deck if not careful when maneuvering, created 3 small half circles or at least an un even cut? You may not have due to never cutting bellow 3"
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  3. puppypaws

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    I've been mowing with the 472, but before I began mowing, I started the 472 and the Super Z, got them both to 100% throttle with the blades engaged. I moved from one mower to the other while sitting approximately 30 seconds on each machine and concentrated solely on vibration. I never wear gloves and have never noticed any different feeling in my hands, or have never noticed any vibration in my feet or body.

    I have said this many times and you reiterated it in your above statement. Your mind will not remember subtitles from one demo to another, the only true way to honestly understand the differences is to mow with one machine, get off, and begin mowing immediately with the other machine, this is the only really true test, and especially where feel is concerned.

    I came to a firm conclusion that the Gravely 472 does have enough less vibration that I could tell a difference, but it was very small difference. I felt approximately 5% less vibration coming through the steering levers, and maybe 2% less through the foot pan. I felt no difference in vibration coming into my body through either seat.

    I'm not sold on the dial a height, for some reason today I am having a very difficult time getting it to move past 3.25", is there something I'm missing on its operation?
  4. GMLC

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    Shouldnt be hard to move with the deck up. It does click into each setting but its not hard. I will personally never use the pin system again...
  5. GMLC

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    Honestly I do not want to see FF's on the 400 series, it doesnt need it. It rides amazing as is. I do not want my front end dipping or moving over bumps. I do not want my deck moving. I do need to try a super z but I still have a hard time believing it rides better on rough properties.
  6. greenology

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    Fair enough, I can see your point, I certainly didn't like the front end dipping at times I didn't want it too.

    Id love to hear your opinion on the SZ over some rough properties, shame its not the easiest thing to do, if only you knew someone nearby that owned one.
  7. GMLC

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    I think there is one Hustler dealer left in NH kinda near me. But after watching your vids(our properties are similar) and watching that super z 60" mow in person it doesnt share the same characteristics as the ferris or 400 series. It just doesnt look as smooth. But in the end my opinion is useless until I try one.
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    Puppy, my hand is very sensitive to vibrations from what I believe is all the years on trimmers. If I mow for lets say 30min without a glove then when Im done, I get tingling. You'll notice Im almost always wearing a (anti vibration) glove on my left hand in my vids. The damage is done and I will always have the problem.
    The levers on the SZ dont vibrate much but its enough to cause me problems. A machine would need to have zero vibrations, and I mean absolutely NO vibration for me not to feel it.
  9. GMLC

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    I may also be sensitive? Honestly I never thought my Scags vibrated much until I demoed the 400 series. Then after 3 months of demos I realized most all of the machines also transmitted vibration to the operator. Not just sitting still but in full operation. The hydros and even small bumps were being transmitted. I feel its a BIG deal when mowing as much as I do. I think Gravely hit a homerun in vibration dampening. Not only are the seat, foot platform and engine isolated even the control handles have adjustable rubber stops.
  10. greenology

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    Just quietly, I already know the SZ wont give you a better ride then your 452. My interest is more based on how your opinion and comparison, I know you will get some forward to back jerking over those rutty props which you wouldn't be feeling on your 452.

    I will sit and take notice tomorrow when I try the new 3100 for the first time, whether I can feel any vibration, not going to be able to compare as puppy is able. Theres some rubber pads that the rear of seat pan rests on, other than that no isolation that I can think off. I think another point to make would be how well the engine is balanced & how smoothly it operates, ie EFI would run a tad smoother than Carb. Probably just clutching at straws but a well balanced engine should give less vibration.

    Mick, maybe no need as your AV gloves are helping you, but I'm curious whether you have thought about adding some rubber into the bolt on point of steering levers? Some off cut from Clarke rubber would do the trick

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