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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by puppypaws, Jul 10, 2013.

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    I simply can't imagine this being a problem for them, especially since this deck is an " adjustable" deck that is designed to be changed for varying conditions. The fact that they brought you a fresh off the line machine and let you use it this long already seems to indicate they wouldn't have any issues. The fact that you have "fouled" the underside with grass and took the factory edge off of the blades is also an indicator that they wouldn't care. How else is one supposed to adequately demo a machine on their properties if you can't adjust it to see if it works or not?

    We'll see what the rep says about this.......
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    The dealer is coming to pick the mower up this afternoon supposedly, it is storming so hard it would be dangerous trying to get it loaded. He said someone else wanted to give it a try. I will say one thing, if they do not clean underneath the deck and take the baffle off, the person demoing the mower will mow a few minutes, call and tell them they can come pick the mower up.

    I would say it is raining this minute at the equivalency of about 3" per hr. you are unable to see for the fact it is coming down so hard.

    The rep called just after I got off the phone with the dealer. He said he was going to talk with the dealer and very well may want me to run the mower again with the baffle off. He told me he was as interested as me in seeing how much difference there was with the baffle off.

    The picture is showing exactly what is taking place this very minute, we are overwhelmed with water.

    Storm (7-17-13) 002.jpg
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    We're going in circles up here. too much rain, then not enough, then too much again, and so on.
    Hotter than a $2 pistol today and high humidity. Now my air is on the firtz.:rolleyes:
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    Ok Puppy so what is the verdict compared to your other Z's, how do you like the 472 overall?

    It is probably similar to my 72 but much more powerful?
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    Thats really to bad. Not one actual pic of a lawn being mowed or any adjustments made on an adjustable baffle deck. I had a feeling this review was doomed from the first set of pics I least you got to feel the air seat and isolated platforms. As far as cut quality goes I saw nothing from either machine that was acceptable in a commercial cutting setting.
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    The conditions we are dealing with is fair to no mower, but what I'm saying is based on what I experienced in my cutting situation, and I ran both my older and new Super Z in the same conditions with by far much better results.

    There may be a problem with the dial-a-height device on the Gravely mower, but once you got to about 3.25", it was almost impossible to move higher, therefore, I like the pin setup for changing cut heights better on the Super Z. I can change the height while looking to see what the number is on the Gravely.

    I like the ride of both my Super Z mowers better, but if the hard run-flat tires on the Gravely were replaced with a different tire that adsorbed more shock, and there was flex forks installed on the Gravely it would probably be a pretty equal ride.

    The 31 hp Kawasaki engine has plenty of power, but used a tremendous amount of fuel, which my 35 uses a great deal of fuel as well, but it does not seem nearly as noticeable for the fact I can cut much more grass per hr.

    I prefer the operation of the Super Z mowers and their hydraulic feel, but the Gravely is fine, and this is only a matter of preference, everyone is different.

    I much prefer the integrated brake system of the Super Z over the external hand brake of the Gravely. When I put my Hustler steering levers into their carry position everything is automatically locked in place, while knowing there will be absolutely no mower movement. This is not the case with the Gravely, put the steering levers into their carry position, and the mower may creep forward until you totally engage the handbrake, just an added movement I prefer not to deal with.

    The deck lift system is pretty equal, but with the decks of both Super Z's lifting by far much easier.

    I love the finish of the Gravely, as well as the ease of access to all components. I would call this a wash between both mowers.

    Both my Super Z's operate more smoothly than the 472 Gravely, and I believe this has a great deal to do with the hydraulics and dampeners. There is a smoother feel of operation with the Hustler, whereas I noticed a little more jerky movement with the Gravely.

    The air-ride seat is a great asset, but with flex forks, less rigid front tires, and the suspension seat on the Super Z it gave a better ride. As a matter of fact, my older SZ with the flex forks and flex seat rode and handled better to me due to the stiffer feel of the Gravely.

    With no knowledge of either mower, and based totally on what I experienced in the operation of both mowers on my particular property, I would tell the dealer to leave the Super Z and pick up the Gravely.

    I don't believe I'm the only one that feels this way and think this can be seen from my dealer selling around 300 Hustlers, and around 60 Gravely mowers this year. This is not a matter of one mower being pushed over another, it's just for the fact after a person operates and cuts with both machines, they choose the Hustler over the Gravely for cutting in our area. Bobcat does well in our area also, and is in close sales pursuit to the Hustler due to their pricing structure.

    I forgot to mention this, the Gravely rep was talking with his people and they were telling him about the baffle, he said listen, that is just something else an owner does not necessarily want to fool with, and I can't use this as an arguing point when he put a Hustler Super Z beside the Gravely and it did not clump.
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    Thanks for the review, dam shame about the wet conditions & shame you didn't have time to remove the baffles & no option for HL blades either.

    I thought you would have felt a better ride with the air seat, since u didn't, im thinking the longer wheel base on the hustler would be playing the biggest part in this. Do you know the length diff? Ill look for it if u don't know. Ive never found a difference in ride quality from hustlers FFs or no flats, Im sure there is but not as considerable as a longer wheelbase.

    The integrated brake is a very good feature, I will miss that, its one extra thing to do & just today there would be half a dozen times I couldn't get the brake on quick enough without rolling back. That cant be too great on the hydros, the alternative is pull the hand brake on with levers out and let the engine kill itself that way. But mostly just getting off to open a gate or pick up big sticks, so don't actually want to kill the engine!

    Id say if your feeling like you have to drive the Gravely more so than the SZ, it would only be due to a different in steering dampers wouldn't you? Maybe a little less pressure in them would make it a little easier
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    Came across this vid last night. at about 1.40 you can really see that seat working! I would love that seat!
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    Its an easy argument IMO. A deck that can mow similar to a velocity in wet conditions with the baffles off but yet can also mow similar to an ultra cut with the baffles adjusted down in ideal conditions. Versatility.

    Im also guessing the rep didn't look at your pics to see how the comparisons were done...
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