Gravely 52" 17hp kaw walkbehind, anyone familiar

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by moremow, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. moremow

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    I posted this thread yesterday but i may have put it in at the wrong place. Either way I have a dealer here in town that took a 2005 52" gravely walkbehind,17 hp pistol grip,kawasaki motor for sale for $3600. It has 20 hours on it,,someone traded it in on an exmark. I thought it might be fine for me to have as a back up mower or maybe eventually get a ztr rider and keep this walk behind as a hill machine or back up. I was wondering if anyone has owned one or knew of its basic performance. The 17 hp makes me a little hesitant ,,thought 19 or more would be best but for a beginning mower or back up thought it might do all right. Let me know if you have any experience or comments there,thanks,,,Moremow ,,Roanoke Va.
  2. MTR

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    If this is hydro, you should get it below 3k, never pay for a wb over 3k. Don't be fooled by dealer claim of 20 hr...every dealer said 20 hr, it means 20 hrs of hard hard usage unless you know the previous owner or people who did demo. The 17 hp is fine on 52" deck, it needs some technique and skill to use it without feeling underpowered.
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    I have the very same machine(hydro) and have had no major complaints. The 17 does bog in thick wet turf a little. If you can get the new warranty $3600 wouldn't be a bad deal for you. You'd be able to tell if it was used more than 20 hours. 20 hours should look pretty new. If you can't get a warranty, I'd pass.

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