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gravely 52


LawnSite Member
ineed some input on a gravely 100 series 52 inch z.i know its not an exmark or a scag but it looks like its built well and only has 75 hours is this a good machine?I will have it checked out but do not know much about these mowers.


LawnSite Member
Mobile, Alabama
What makes it less of a machine than Exmark or Scag? My Gravely observation and research suggests that they are very similar in every way. Same wheel motors, pumps, all 7 gauge construction. ALL Gravely commercial mowers come standard with suspension seats. Plus they have the maintenance-free XL spindles. All iron, just like Scag, but sealed. Another huge gravely pro is that they are not too cheap to put large tires on the 100 series. try to find another mid-sized mower with 15 inch front casters and huge drive tires. Helps flotation after the rain. What is the price?


LawnSite Senior Member
I have a gravely 36inch walk behind that i got for 2k with 50 hours on it. I know its kind of apples and oranges, but gravely makes good equipment. I am in love with it and if i could find a 52inch walk behind I would scoop it up in a second. It was reliable all season. Not one problem and I will admit I am kind of hard on equipment because of the yards i cut. I would go for it. I bought mine on a referal from a friend of mine who uses nothing but gravely and i could not be happier.