Gravely 52"


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new york
I'm looking at a Gravely 52" ztx with a 23 hp kawi. I have about 1.5 acres of actual grass to cut (2 acres total less the house, driveway and some woods in the back). They are on sale by me for $2,800. Thoughts on gravely and if the mower will be worth the cost?


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I would pick the Kawasaki over the Kohler, however, if it were a Kohler Command Pro EFI I would choose that one. In your situation though, the Kawasaki is the way to go.


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$2800 is a great price. Buddy just picked up a ZTX 42. 24HP Kohler. That motor is pretty nice and overkill for it. Seemed to be very a quite motor. The ZTX weighs in at 610. He was under $3K otd. I rode it and for resi a mower with EZTs it moved right along and was not bad. First cut looked real nice. Sticks were very touchy compared to my Ferris. His yard has some big ass bumps with obligatory smaller ones and you will feel them.