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Gravely Anyone?


LawnSite Silver Member
Bolivar, MO
Just curious. I see lots of mention of other mower brands, but haven't noticed much mention of Gravely. I bought a Gravely 250Z last year (new, but previous years model). I don't have a lot of experience in this arena, but have operated Dixie Choppers and my friend has a diesel Encore I've used extensively. I only have about 100 hours on the Gravely, but am quite happy with it so far. I really didn't look at other brands with an eye toward purchase, as this is the only line of commercial ZTR's my local dealer carries. They are great people, and offer great support so I couldn't justify driving to Springfield (some 30 miles away) to have a choice at more brands because of the potential inconvenience for service. Anywho, how many of you run Gravely's? Neill


LawnSite Silver Member
i run a gravely belt drive i picked up a few years ago. I'm looking @ buying a 260Z this spring. i really like the hydraulic lift deck that comes standard.
i am new in this field , just starting my second year. i pretty much a john deere man but the tranny went out on my oldest deere and i needed a replacement now! and really did not have the funds to support the comm. ztr that i wanted . a local dealer sells the gravely brand, whom i bought all my stihl equip. from strongly pushed the gravely. so i bought a homeowner series 1844, of which we ran it hard all year with no complaints. it is however a little under powered pulling some of the steep hills i have . but i use it hard in a very large cemetary that we mow and it works great. still not a john deere though. however we will be running it one more year only to trade it for a gravely 160z. this model has a shorter frame which allows me to load it on our trailer and park it sideways with a mower driven on from the rear, and one side loaded from the front. we demoed a 260z. to long to fit on our trailer sideways . killer machine though. built very heavy. all in all i think that gravely is a good solid choice for the long hard haul. just my opinion.


LawnSite Senior Member
There are several brands of really great mowers on the market today. This is sort of a "golden age" for pro mowers.

Since 1917! Gravely has always built some of the very best lawn and garden equipment that could be had. 50 years ago, every landscaper and every nursery had at least one Gravely 2 wheel walk behind TRACTOR. If you know how to run one of those tractors, they would out work anything else you could get.

Today Gravely is building some of the best Z riders on the market. The traditional problem with Gravely is that they have always been a superb engineering, manufacturing company, but they have never had a good knack for marketing their products.

They always used to believe that word of mouth was all they needed. They seemed to believe that old saying about "build a better moustrap and the world would come to you"

Well the way it works is , do the best marketing and you will be the one the world knows about.

Only ten years ago, Exmark was a tiny company in Beatrice Neb. that along with Kees, and Encore [the other mowers from Beatrice] was barely keeping the lights on. They came out with the Lazer Z and they and their distributors did a terrific job of marketing the machine. Toro recognized the potential in Exmark, and bought it 7 years ago. They really put the pedal to the metal in marketing , and look what has happened !

The use of the internet, and especially Lawn Site has been some of the most potent reasons for Exmarks recognition in the market today.

Well, now that Gravely has also taken a sponsorship position here, and Gravely seems to get more and more positive mentions here by people like you, I think you will see Gravely regain some of the positive recognition that it has had in the past, and it should regain a great deal of its traditional market share.
I run a 148Z for residential accounts and I LOVE it


LawnSite Member
I bought a 260Z last year and just purchase a ProSteer Hydro walkbehind this year. I'm very pleased with the performance and quality of both machines. I just attended the Gravely OnTour program in Winston Salem NC this week and was really impressed with the seminar they presented. It was great!! If you still have the chance to attend,it would be well worth your time, plus its a investment in your business


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Atlanta, GA
I like the Gravely pro-steer hydro wb too, but as many manufacturers do, they seem to shoot themselves in the foot a little on options.

1. Why does the 48" pro steer hydro wb only come with a 15hp engine? Especially when owners of 17hp units on other brands are hollering for more power? I assume the engine is the same size as the 17hp version, so why limit the mower there? For a mower that can go 8.5mph and has that wide a deck it seems underpowered.

2. They offer a 42" or 44" deck on gear drive pro-steer models, but not the hydro. Why? That would be my first choice.

Envy Lawn Service

LawnSite Fanatic
North Carolina
Gimmie those 15" front castor tires!!! That's one standard feature that's never mentioned. But I guess you would have to experience 11" castors on a Z to appreciate that as much as I do. I also like the breakaway sticks. But there again you'd have to be like me and almost get trapped in the seat to appreciate that as much as I do.

I'd like to see a 100 Series w/25hp Kawi, partially inverted color scheme ( red w/black deck & castors).... plus an articulating deck attched to an articulating front axle.

Cramer Lawn Care

LawnSite Member
I bought a 250z last year,it was a demo with 50 hours on it.I absolutley love this mower.I've ran exmarks,great danes and toro's. The thing i like the most about the gravley is the deck adjustment,it's nice to be able to lift or lower it just a fraction of an inch when i need to.

The only thing i don't like is in heavy wet grass it likes to clump at times,does anyone have a suggestion for curing this? I'm running a gator high lift on the inside and 2 regular high lift's on the midle and discharge end.Thanks.

Piedmont Lawn

LawnSite Member
North Carolina
Cramer Lawn,

Clumps? You may want to try doubles with the Gators on top, Gravelys deep flow deck and wide chute usually does a good job of getting the grass out make sure to give the deck a good scraping when it's wet.


I'm very happy with my 260Z it lays down a good cut and is the most comfortable Z that I have found for my 6' 5" height, no boxed in foot well like the others so I can stretch my legs out if I want to :p