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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by parrotfeathers, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. parrotfeathers

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    I'm thinking of buying a walk behind trimmer by Ariens. The reviews are good. I searched for Ariens dealers and it took me to Gravely dealers. Is the only difference, on this particular product, the brand name sticker?

    Also, the dealers in my state are one privately owned, successful full service hardware store and Home Depot (although it must be ordered online through Home Depot). I believe in supporting local dealers but wonder if the unit sold through Home Depot would be the same machine or a watered down version. Home D is actually more expensive.

    Also looked at a Husky model but it has a Briggs & Stratton engine. Ariens' is a Kohler engine. For some reason I think that would be better but I have nothing to base that opinion on other than the thought that cheaper stuff would use the Briggs & Stratton engine.

    One more thing--if the store has one now they have left from last year is that okay or should I get one from newer stock?
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  2. parrotfeathers

    parrotfeathers LawnSite Member
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    Does anyone have an opinion on buying a new machine that was assembled from last summer? I've never seen a forum where no one had an opinion!
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    On that product, the only difference betewwn the Gravely and the Ariens, is the color of the paint and the decals. The Home Depot machine is exactly the same as the machine sold at independent dealers. There should be no problem with buying one from last year. The Warranty does not start until it is sold to the customer. As far as I know, there are no changes to the machine from last year to this year. Just be sure they did not put ethanol gas in it last year and let it sit all winter.
    FYI: I am a retired Gravely dealer
  4. parrotfeathers

    parrotfeathers LawnSite Member
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    Thanks Mowingman. I never thought of the ethanol gas being in the engine all winter so went ahead and ordered one. We are lucky enough here to have two local stations with pure gas which we use in all our engines.

    I thought about a walk behind trimmer all last summer. We have several miles of split rail fences and I am tired of lugging the regular weed trimmer on my shoulder all day. Will report back on the wheeled trimmer.

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