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    I purchased a new Gravely compact pro 44" with the X factor deck. I needed to go through 50" gates on my accounts and at 46.8 with the chute up it gives just under 1.5" on the sides of clearance. It was not cheap, but compared to other commercial ztrs, it was the least expensive. Also, the dealer being 15 minutes from my home helped out my decision.

    Does anyone have any experience with this model?
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    Had a friend with one (he sold it at 1400 hrs) and he loved it. He got out of the business this past year or I suspect he would still be using it. He did his own service, but I doubt that he did more than the very minimum. Tried it out when he sold it, and it felt pretty good; I got bit once on a used mower with a lot less hours than that so I'm kinda shy if I don't get it checked out by a qualified mechanic and I didn't have chance to do that. From all the postings I've seen here, and my own experience with a Gravely WB, they are excellent machines for the price!

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    That is good to hear. I am new to the business and equipment so I would not dare to buy anything used. I have never met someone who sold a perfectly good used anything. There is always an issue or one Just waiting to come in tho play. I need to get a mulching kit and a manual chute plate cover for mowing near mulch beds. Any suggestions?
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    You would get either/or, not both. Personally I mulch all the time so I have a mulch kit. The mulch kit completely blocks off the chute and encloses each deck cutting chamber. An operator controlled discharge chute (OCDC) only closes off the discharge chute when the operator needs to, i.e., around flower beds, etc. There are advantages for each as well as disadvantages, so you have to determine which is best for your planned usage. For me the ideal is the Mulch On Demand (MOD) deck on some John Deere mowers and that will be the next one for me.

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    I just used the machine on a couple of accounts and the cut was outstanding. Dormant Bermuda looks like a carpet. The main reason was to check the discharge on beds . The result was as expected with some clippings finding their way to flower beds but, the cut is so good that I'll wait to see if it is something that customers complain about. The mulching kit is standing by in case of anything. There is a foot activated chute cover that I've been reading about. Do you know of these and if so which would you recommend. Thanks for help
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    a clear difference lawn has posted before about these 'chute blockers'.

    Both he and I have the Gravely Compact 34, and he installed this on his machine. I use the mulch kit. You may want to search this forum for postings by him. I know I have seen a link to the one he purchased. Or you may want to PM him. He is more than willing to help.
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    Hey if you dont mind me asking how much did you pay for this mower and what dealer did you get it from. I am not too far from you and I am trying to decide between a gravely hydro walk and a rider.
  8. a clear difference lawn

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    Messages: 421 This is the ocdc I use on the compact pro 34. There are other ocdc manufacturers as well. Do a little research and you should be able to determine what is best for your needs. One suggestion, if you do decide to mulch all the time, install the entire factory kit - not just the chute blocker. Congratulations on the new mower! Hope you have a great season.

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    B&B MOWER in Woodstock Ga.5500.

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