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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jtkplc, Nov 24, 2004.

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    I went to my dealer today looking at the Gravely 34Z, 36 Hydro WB, or 32 WB. I'm leaning more towards the 34Z just because for the money compared to the 36 Hydro I'd rather sit than stand. They have an 04 32 WB in the showroom that I'm sure I could get for a good deal. I asked the guy about the 05's and he said they already put there order in for 05 and they weren't going to have anything small from Gravely. He showed me the Wright Sentar 36" and was pressing me to look into that. I know what I want and have the cash to buy it. He said he'd look around at other dealers in the area and see what they had left over from this year. My question is can't my dealer order what I want for 05? I'd rather get an 04 34Z if I can, but if nothing turns up I still want to purchase what I want and what would meet my needs best, not what they dealer has and is trying to sell me.
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    You have told the dealer what you want and if he wont sell it to you then just go somewhere else and buy it. Thats what I would do.
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    I am a Gravely dealer, and yes, he can order anything you want. Tell him to have his factory rep look around his territory and see if another dealer has an 04, 34Z that he will transfer to your dealer. Your dealer will get credit for the sale, and the other dealer gets rid of a mower that might set in his store all winter.
    If your dealer is not responsive to your needs, go to the Gravely website and search for another dealer in your area.
    The 34Z has been a great seller. There may not be any 04 machines left in your area. Too bad you are not coming south for the winter. I have one left that I can sell at 04 prices. Good luck.

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