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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by collierlawn, Mar 26, 2004.

  1. collierlawn

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    So last friday I went down to the local Gravely dealer to buy a 260z with the 28hp kohler efi. The dealer had none in stock, so he told me that he had to order one and it would be here in a week. So today is a week and I called to find out on the status of my mower well the dealer did not know so they called Gravely. Evidently they did have any, so mine is being manufactuered as we speak. And its completion date is by the end of the month, then i will have to wait another week for delivery. The worst part of it is that they won't give me demo. So when the say, "we keep you cutting", to me this is a lie.
  2. FFMED74

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    I bought an off brand, landscaper supply 48" w/b last year and they did the same thing to me. I know they aren't a "big named" company, but you'd think they would make it right. I almost told the other guys to keep the mower and I'll buy something else. I think that they should come up with a way to keep you mowing. Tell them that and if they won't work with you, tell them they have a floor model now and I'd find a company that really wants your biz..... just my opinion!
  3. Runner

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    I find it awful hard to believe that there is not a 260Z w/ 28efi anywhere in this country to buy. This machine is NOT that high in demand (it IS a nice machine, though). They have the set up with their parts, they could get one from another dealer somewhere, as well, as long as it's already sold to you. I bet if you took your money, and told them that you found a Lazer you're going to buy instead, because you want to make money NOW, not in a month, they would come up with one of these machines real quick! If this is any kind of indication of the responsivenesss you are going to get from this dealer, I think I would be looking at other avenues.
  4. MacLawnCo

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    i really cant sympathise with you. you go into a dealer in the height (possibly behind) the spring rush and expect them to have exactly what you want when you want it... um no, it ait like that. you gota plan ahead or pay the consequences, in this case waiting a while for the machine you want. sorry to hear, but you should have seen it coming.
  5. collierlawn

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    The district sales rep told the dealer that they had only sold 5 of the 260z with this motor in the country. I find that hard to belive. Also it does not matter if it is just before the season starts, what matters is that the dealer told me it would be here today, and when it did not show up they did nothing to fix, nice dealer support
  6. rodfather

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    Sounds to me like the dealer was guessing...or more like hoping for 1 week delivery.
  7. Grass Master

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    Buy an ExMark!!

    Gravely is "middle of the road" average product built by Ariens.

    ExMark is the commercial leader.
  8. LynyrdSkynyrd

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    "we keep you cutting",
    Very true. They do.
    Cutting the steering wheel to the right, Cutting the steering wheel to the left. Until you reach a dealer that sales better products.
  9. Avery

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    I would not buy a mower I could not demo.
  10. chuckwk

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    This is a dealer issue.... not Gravely MFG. Like Rodfather said ... your dealer prolly did whatever it took to complete the sale.

    "Gravely is "middle of the road" average product built by Ariens."

    Give me a break. Ariens has been manufacturing some of the best outdoor power equipment the industry has to offer for over 70 years.... and Gravely is one of their showcases.

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