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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Boilermaker2, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. Boilermaker2

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    I have been an observer on this site since last fall, when I started thinking about getting a new riding mower. I built a house on 1.25 acres and would like to get a ZTR for mowing, so I thought it was time to start participating. I have narrowed my search down to two choices. The Country Clipper Jazee One or a Gravely ZT1740. Here are the stats on the two mowers:

    Country Clipper Jazee One
    Kohler Courage 17HP
    42" Deck
    Joystick steering
    Flip-up deck for easy maintenance
    $3600 (includes mulching kit and hour meter)
    2 year limited warranty on mower
    3 year limited warranty on frame and deck (including spindles)

    Gravely ZT1740
    Kohler Courage 17HP
    40" Deck
    2 Stick Steering
    $3280 (includes mulching kit, hour meter, headlights)
    2 year limited warranty on mower

    The CC dealer is about 1/4 mile from my house. The Gravely dealer is about 25 miles away, which leans me toward the CC. However, The Gravely seems to have more options. The CC does not have a striping kit. The CC seems to have stronger spindles 1-1/8" cast iron vs. 1" for the Gravely and the overall deck seems to be a little more heavy duty and solid on the CC. The Gravely has a lot of optional equipment vs. the CC, though. The CC doesn't even have a striping kit option. I do really like the flip up deck on the CC, though. I did notice that the CC needs greasing vs. the sealed bearings on the gravely mower deck.

    When I first checked out this website I heard good things about the Country Clipper mowers, but have not seen much talk of them lately. I am having trouble deciding. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I have also checked the Hustler dealer, but they are out of my price range. The lowest priced Hustler he had was $4000. So please don't steer me in that direction.

    One other option is the Gravely ZT1940, which has a 19HP Kohler Command twin engine. However, it is $3890 with a mulching kit. My wife already thinks I'm crazy spending over $3k for a mower.

    Any input to help me make this decision would be appreciated.

  2. ZH Turf Man

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    Just like you I've been looking and one thing I was told by several dealers was to stay away from the Kohler Courage motors. Not sure of the reason why but all of these same dealers also sold the Kohler twin cylinder motors and they said they were very reliable. I also heard the same thing about the Briggs Vanguard, a very dependable engine.
  3. bantam

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    The Country Clipper spindles do use TOTALLY sealed bearings (and have had for years and years), they last very, very well. The grease zerk in the top of the spindle is an "old school" sales feature. Many manufacturers do this on their "greasable" spindles, and have for years.

    As far as a stiping kit option, I have seen these offered for sale as an aftermarket item from several sources. If you get the Country Clipper you might check out that option. As far as other fetures looks to me like what you listed was lights on the Gravely and not the CC. CC does offer an optional light kit. That leaves the "flip-up deck" difference. If it were me I would take the flip-up deck over the standard light kit ANY DAY. How much are you really gonna mow at night vs. cleaning under the deck and servicing the blades??

    Hope this helps :D
  4. Boilermaker2

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    I have not heard anything bad about the Courage engines. Anyone else heard this?
  5. Boilermaker2

    Boilermaker2 LawnSite Member
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    It sounds as though you are a Country Clipper owner or at least have checked them out thoroughly. It appears you favor the CC. If you are a CC owner do you think the JazeeOne is my best choice or should I be looking at the Jazee. it's around $800 more.

    Thanks for the reply
  6. bantam

    bantam LawnSite Member
    from iowa
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    Now that is a TOUGH question to answer. Jazee One vs. Jazee. I am not certain how I would decide that one. Both have the same deck design and spindles. The Jazee is a little heavier built tractor and deck suspension. If I were mowing more than 1.25 acres I would definitely take a serious look at the Jazee, but with that size yard it is a TOUGH call. Guess is depends on if the extra $800 is worth the heavier tractor to you. I think to me it would be?????

    The Jazee will handle a little bit better on hills and slope (if you have any of those to mow around).
  7. Boilermaker2

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    Well folks,

    I gave it some serious thought. I went and looked at both mowers again...even considered going up to a Gravely 1944 with a 19HP Kohler Twin Command. It was only $200 more than the JazeeOne. I also briefly considered the Jazee, but in the long run just couldn't justify spending $4400 for what I will use it for. One thing I do have a hang up on is that the JazeeOne only has the EZT transmissions. Both the Gravely and the Jazee have the IZT. But I still think I will be ok...afterall, I am just mowing 1.25 acre. If it doesn't work out, and I think I want the Jazee, I guess I'll just trade up in a few years and walk away with a lesson learned. I went for the JazeeOne because the deck and frame did seem stronger than the Gravely mowers. I also really like the flip up deck for easy maintenance. I think it will lead to better and more frequent maintenance. I also like the proximity of the CC dealer (1/4 mile) to my house. We live in a small community and I want to support the local dealer. He is also a good friend of my brother-in-law, so I think he will treat me right. Thanks to those who responded...especially bantam. I hope I can count on you if I have any future questions.

    I get the mower Monday....I can't wait!!!! I'll post some picks in the future.

    Thanks again.
    :D :cool2:
  8. Bayrat

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    I might be mistaken but the Briggs Vanguard is of Japanese heritage. Kohler used to make nothing but commercial grade engines but if they are putting them in light duty machines and renaming them, I might tend to be a bit wary. On the other hand, for that small yard you will never wear it out.
  9. dpullen4

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    I'm hoping you can help out a fellow Boiler alum. I'm hoping to purchase a ZTR within the next week or so. I pretty much had it down to the Ariens Zoom 1540, but I'm pretty intrigued with the Jazee One with the 38" deck. It offers a blade speed that is on par with top of the line commercial mowers(19k fpm) while the Ariens is only about 16,500fpm I think. I also like the flip deck option.

    Have you had a chance to use it yet?
  10. mberry

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    Like you one of the ZTR's I considered was the Ariens Zoom 1540. I ended up purchasing the Jazee One and will take delivery this Wednesday. In my case I didn't feel very comfortable with the Ariens Dealer and later discovered CC.
    The Jazee One deck construction is very solid and I also like the flip-up feature. I was able to demo a Jazee and liked the joy stick steering, although I am new to ZTR's and therefore not predispositioned to twin sticks.
    I'll let you know what I think of the Jazee One after I use it on Wednesday or Thursday.

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