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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by fool32696, Jun 28, 2005.

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    I was having some serious power problems and noise coming from my left hydro pump. I pulled it apart and found some metal flake in the oil that had caused a few pistons to bind. I looked to see where the flake was coming from and didn't see much. Put it back together and ran like new. With another 15hrs on it the noise briefly came back yesterday. My questions, How much is a new pump? and are there rebuilt kits avail. for these hydro pumps?
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    I don't have the answer that your looking for, but it would help if you listed what the model & years is of your Gravely.
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    There is a Gravley parts supplier right there on Alt. 27 in your town, Why not give them a call and get the info. stright from the horses mouth ?
  4. fool32696

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    I actually know the dealer personally. He doesn't know much about commercial equip. just likes to sell it. Went to him when I originally had the problem. Said I need a new pump $300-500 (apparently to busy to actually look up price). He said it would take about 3 days to get one in. This was on a thurs. The next day I had 16 yards lined up. Pulled it apart myself and got it running. Went back to him to tell him what I did and he says "I've never had one of those hydros apart." So I guess now I know more about a hydraulic pump than a "certified Gravely Mechanic". Also the mower is a Gravely 250Z
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    Your dealer can't be a "certified Gravely Mechanic" If he doesn't know much about commerical equipment, And one of the things they cover is Hydro tear-down. I work for a EX Gravely dealer,He finially got smart and dumped them.
    Just a little food for thought; If you found metal in the pump and didn't find where it was coming from inside the pump Did you know it could be coming from the wheel motor and getting into the pump ?
    Anytime you have metal contamination in a hydro. system, Once the problem is found and repaired the system must be flushed and cleaned and the hydro tank removed and cleaned and of course new filters installed. The last thing you want to do is wipe out a new pump.
    Just my 2 cents.

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