Gravely Kawasaki 13hp Throttle cable/choke/carb strange goings on.

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by SouthernFried, Jul 18, 2004.

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    Never had a serious problem with a Gravely in 20 new Gravely 36" WB tho...

    It all started when my throttle cable wouldn't move the choke valve thingy out of the closed/choke position.

    Ok, I just manually opened the valve, and left it there...never really needed to choke it anyway.

    Now, the thing wont run with the valve in the Open will only run when I close the choke/valve. I had to run all day with the mower choked, and sputtering...but, I got through the day. God knows if this is doing any damage.

    Also, my throttle cable seems to stick now, or...when I try to move the throttle, it pops right back up to the top position.

    I got 2 days before I need it again, so if anyone has any idea what's happening here....there's a Margarita & Taco Dinner waiting in San Antonio for you.

    I'll throw in a Mariachi band too...but, you'll have to eat on your own...
  2. kawasakitech

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    The throttle cable is too small of diameter to properly move the linkage. I believe Gravely has come out with an improved throttle/choke cable. Check with your local Ariens dealer to see if a bulletin has been issued.

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