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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by ron mexico75, Sep 25, 2013.

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    So I have been an eXmark user and owner for around 4.5 years now. Nothing special, just a 36" Metro belt drive. I was at a local dealer yesterday that is much closer to my house than the exMark,Toro, Scag dealer I've been doig business with. The dealer I was at is a Gravely and Husqvarna dealer.

    While there, I was looking at the new Gravely Pro Stance 48". Got on it drove it around the lot a little and the owner was showing me the machine. I can say it looks high quality and very nice. It has a Kawasaki motor which I like even more. Have one on the eXmark and it's been great. Anyways after 5-10 minutes I asked how much. He said new it is $7,499 but this one was a lightly used "demo". Meaning people don't take it to jobs but more or less drive it around the lot and the owners have taken it home a few times to cut their own lawns. Hours were under 50 and he said it was $7,000. The actual walk behind 48 was only $800 less. He also said that a 36" pro stance was coming out in 2014. I guess I'm not really in the market for anything over a 36 or even a new mower for that matter. But, after 4.5 years I am growing tired of walking behind a belt drive and not having reverse which is needed sometimes. Just a reverse assist which is useless if trying to come back up a slight incline.

    Anyways, I thought I would post here to see what you guys think of Gravely mowers as a whole and this unit in particular if you are familiar. I don't know if asking this is similar to which truck? Ford, Chevy, Dodge etc. and I will just get brand loyalist raves and then the opposite from different users.

    I guess I'm wondering, are these are high quality machines similar to Scag and Exmark? Or, are they inferior with just a very small percentage of market share? Do any of you own them and what are your thoughts and experiences? Have any of you worked for companies that use these and have switched from other makes so you can give a comparison of some sort? Any of you that have ran several different types including Gravely and can comment on anything you liked or disliked about them?

    I'm just interested because if I sell the eXmark, having this dealer literally 5 minutes from the house would be so great plus they have Saturday hours. In addition the rest of my stuff is echo and this dealer has Husqvarna. I have read good things about the Husqvarna backpacks on this site, specifically the 580BT.

    At any rate, I'd like to see what you all have to say about Gravely.
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    you still have the best username on the site....

    only one could be better is if someone was suing Carlos Danger..

    i loved my old Gravley ... but it was nothing like what you have.


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    I have two gravely machines. I have a 36in pro walk hydro walk behind with the pro steer controls which I absolutely love. I had a scag belt drive 36in before the gravely and the difference is insane. The pro-steer controls are hard to get used to at first (took me about 15 minutes) and after about 30 minutes I had it down perfect which is a long time for me. It has a 14.5HP kawasaki engine and the only issue I had was a intake leak which was covered under warranty and the idler pully keeps going bad every 10 hours or so and the dealer replaces it under warranty and I'll be leaving it over the winter to get it fixed for good. It doesn't bag leaves well at all (just blows the leaves out the front corner of the deck) and grass clippings it bags good but its not really designed to bag. Stripes good with some G5 gator blades.

    I have a gravely pro-turn 152 zero turn with a Kohler EFI and I love it. Very well built like the walk behind and seems to have plenty of power for weekly maintenance. Its not the best on hills since it has a slightly higher stance than a few other machines on the market but pushing your luck on hills on a ztr is a bad idea anyways. No issue with it and it stripes well and cut quality is great. It could use a larger discharge chute in my opinion but I think they fixed it with the pro turn 252 and 452.
  4. RussellB

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    I have a Pro turn 148. great machine and great customer service. I have always ran with the mulch kit installed wth no issues. I'm actually impressed that the under deck stays clean. 100 plus hours and it is still red.
  5. ron mexico75

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    Interesting. So are they just now starting to become more widely used with the intruduction of the stand on's. I only seem to see exmark, scag and toro whenever I'm out. Just wondering.
  6. JCLawn and more

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    Well the gravely stander is a newer machine. They have a deal or bought great Dane mowers and the stander is inspired from the super surfer. I looked at it at the dealer and my 2 beefs with it is price and small discharge shoot. It does look built to fit the price tag though.
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    I demo'd one last year the ame day as GMLC and we posted our reviews within minutes of each other LOL. The Gravely Pro Stance is an awesome machine, and the chute being small(ish) didn't make one bit of difference during my demo, which didn't include any really wet cutting. The thing cut amazingly well, and spread the clippings out nicely. The hydro's were very smooth. There are many reviews on this site about them. mag360 also did a very good review on them.

    If I were to buy a stander tomorrow it would be the Gravely.
  8. JCLawn and more

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    Ya the small discharge would be an issue in my mind during wet conditions, maybe it won't.
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    I just bumped my Pro-Stance review for your reading pleasure. And here is the link.

    The new Pro-Stance was designed and built from the ground up by Gravely. The old Pro-Stance was an updated Great Dane like JC said.

    Gravely has made a major push in the last couple of years to try to dominate the commercial market. The new 400 series really put Gravely at a new level. The new Pro-Stance pushed them even farther ahead. Gravely has set the bar and the other companies are trying to play catch up at this point. Gravely's customer service is unheard of in this industry. The machines are industrial quality. IMO Gravely will be taking a huge chunk of the commercial market in the next 5 years or so. If you follow Gravely's facebook page they post huge fleet deliveries about once a month. I'm just starting to see these fleets pop up in the north east which is dominated by scag and exmark.

    This link is to my 452 review and has my story. We switched from scag to gravely.
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  10. JCLawn and more

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    That makes sense. I saw the old one at the fair last year and thought mehhh, the new one at the dealer I thought was a machine I want to own.
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