Gravely on Tour in Winston-Salem,NC

Discussion in 'Network: South' started by YLC1, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. YLC1

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    Anyone planning to go to the seminar in W-S?It's on Feb 25th.Has anyone attended one of these seminars?If so please let us know what you thought.By the way it's free.You can register at then click on the "Gravely on Tour" link.
  2. MudslinginFX4

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    It doesn't say the hours, do you know what they are? I am going to be in Greensboro that day, so its not to much farther of a drive. I'm still not sure that I can make it though.
  3. YLC1

    YLC1 LawnSite Member
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    Hi Cameron.I don't know the hours but when I registered it had a note about a conformation e-mail that I haven't recieved yet.It's been about 2 days since I registered.I'm in Greensboro so it won't be a long drive for me.
  4. Craig Orth

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    The hours are form 8:00 am to about 3:00 pm. I would say get there about 1/2 hour early for registration
  5. intiMOWdator

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    I went to this same seminar 2 weeks ago. It was great, informative, entertaining and they even served free lunch added bonus. Kevin the instructor sells the spread sheet and book he talks about at the end of the show for 20$ cash , totally optional. I thinks it is well worth it for me and would encourage you to get the excel spread sheet while you can only at show. This show is for growing companies with employees but still informative for the single entrepreneur. I would get there early because the room filled fast there were alot of people there and good chairs filled fast. I would return again if I had a chance. There are some group activities so it will help to be able to work well with people at your table.

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